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Home Improvements – Making Decisions as a Family

Planning home improvement projects are fun and excitement. It is a big step for the family and requires the opinion of everyone, regardless of age. Thus putting into consideration the members of your family in the home improvements that you will do at home is a must.

We’ve all seen families who get along well most of the time and families who are constantly at odds with each other.  One common denominator among families who get along are homes that work for them.  Let’s talk about ideas seen more than once in a home that works.  It may help you explore what will work for you.

Many families with school age children have a computer and homework area near the kitchen.  It’s often a computer desk and the breakfast area table.  This is usually sandwiched between the kitchen and family room, and all three areas are open to each other.  It’s an easy area for parents to make themselves available to help and supervise the children while they themselves perhaps cook, talk, read, or have a cup of tea (or other beverage) before or after dinner.

Family rooms are also great for TV, movies, and computer games.  A finished basement provides an ideal place for a “home theater” for the same sorts of things, but supervision becomes tougher.

Unfinished basement areas can be just what’s needed for a workbench, an artist’s studio (especially walk-out basements with big north facing windows), a sewing area, a place to practice a musical instrument, a place to refinish furniture, a potting bench for plants, a place for the pets when the family has guests even the choice for Melbourne blinds.  I’ve seen all of the above work well alone and in a variety of combinations.

Many modern homes have a “formal living room” that is too small to really work as a living room.  It can be set up and decorated as a library or study and be the perfect place for a parent to do some serious work and not be interrupted too frequently.

Master bedrooms are getting larger and larger.  They often have a small seating arrangement included in their design.  This can be a parental retreat for quiet conversation.

Master bedrooms can also provide a quiet corner for a computer desk and work area.  If looking at work space isn’t relaxing to you, you can always shield it from view with a decorative folding screen.

Don’t forget the importance of family dinners.  Studies show that children of families who have dinner and conversation together several nights a week, week in and week out, tend to be more successful and happier than those who don’t.  It can be at the kitchen table, in the breakfast area, or in the dining room, but plan for it and make it happen if you value the success and happiness of your children.

Every home is unique and so is your family. When improving your home, look for ideas that work.

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What Makes Wooden Homes Appealing

A house is a necessity for men. It is a place where a family can go home to unwind after a hard day at work, relax and just be themselves. In a house, there are no deadlines to be met or exams to pass. Owning a home where you can experience both fun and entertainment is every man’s dream. These are the reasons why a large part of one’s income is invested in buying a house for the family and own self.


Photo Credit: Instagram via Pinterest

A house is a life time investment.

A house is built basically of bricks, stones, chips, cement and of wood. Some countries like Japan and the US are still sticking with the conventional way of creating their dream homes – with wood. Other continents on the other hand like Asia and Australia construct their homes with a combination of concrete, rocks and wood. Wooden houses however create a certain charm that makes it a favorite option when it comes to constructing rest homes, vacation houses and recreational places.

Wooden houses are generally found in the hills and in the cooler climates. Tropical or rainy climate is not suitable for the construction of wooden houses. In cold and dry weather countries wooden houses are more common than in tropical countries where wooden houses will be a mere waste of money. Wooden houses are built with planks of wood joined together. Their plan and layout is technically different from that of the brick houses. Their floorings and walls are also done up of wood .The cost of maintenance wooden houses is much higher than the maintenance of concrete houses.

What makes wooden homes appealing? The appeal of wooden homes comes from the homey and warm vibe that comes from its natural scent and color. This is why most wooden houses equip blinds and curtains in their window coverings to increase the relaxing appeal that it already has. Spacious layout, sufficient lighting and proper ventilation make a wooden home close to being perfect.

Wooden houses are generally built in the areas which are prone to earth quakes and landslides. That is because wooden houses cause less damage to life and property if a natural calamity strikes than the concrete houses. Therefore one is more likely to find wooden houses in the earth quake belts of the world


Photo Credit: Peer Scape via Pinterest

In the cold countries we are more likely to find wooden houses. The climate of such countries is suitable for building wooden houses. The dry and cold climate does not weather wood much and thus the durability and lifespan of the house is maintained. Wooden houses are also warmer compared to the brick houses. Thus in cold climates it keeps people warmer as wood does not easily become cold and heat is trapped in the house.

Wooden houses are expensive and have become a possession of the rich and famous who can afford wooden castles for themselves. People buy expensive wooden houses and farm houses which become the symbol of their aristocracy. Whether your homes are made of wood or stone, what complete this haven is the people and the happiness found inside.

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Great Patio Furniture Ideas for Your Next Renovation

If your front or back porch is empty and you would want to update the look of your outdoors, adding some great patio furniture might be a move you can consider. Patio furniture is a simple way to add a new light of interest in any porch or deck.

First, consider the many uses of the patio furniture that you would include in your layout. Consider an area where the family can bond and chat, a place where one can quietly read a book or a place where your kids can enjoy a siesta. When the weather outdoors is beautiful, wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the outdoors right? Everyone could use a little time outdoors specially on the weekends, thus, having versatile patio furniture for these purposes is a must.

Another great concept to consider is enjoying good old barbeque and steak with the family during the weekend. You’re enjoying and creating memories at the same time with this. If barbeque is not a family thing, you can consider having picnic as a bonding time for the family. The important thing really in this is to get patio furniture that will satisfy the need of the family to spend quality time with each other.

Consider wood and try to avoid too many fabrics for your patio furniture. The weather may not be forgiving for sensitive silks and linens so sticking with the basics might be a better option. Old pallets can be transformed into nice reading nooks and outdoor beds. Imagine hosting a summer party with your durable and easy to maintain patio accessories and furnishings. Summer parties will definitely be more fun and entertaining with these items around.

Take time to enjoy the outdoors just a few steps outside your front door with fun and creative patio furniture that will completely update the look of your homes.


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Different Mini Blinds for Your Home

Window blinds are not only important home accessories to safeguard our home’s privacy. It is also important to control the amount of light that comes in. One good reason to choose curtains over blinds is the ease of installation. However, when function is taken into consideration, window blinds are more exotic, elegant and helps in making a room more efficient.

Here are some of the kind of mini blinds and window coverings you can consider for your homes.

The first factor to consider when getting blinds for your homes is style. The most popular ones are Venetian blinds that have horizontal sections that are either made of wood or metal. Panels sizes ranges from 16 to 50 mm in width. Vertical blinds on the other hand are practically blinds with vertical panels. The sections of these blinds can be completely separated if you want to take a good look of the outdoors. Vertical blinds are made of wood and metal and are also available in many different fabrics.

Roller shades on the other hand are mostly made of treated materials like vinyl. They roll up or down and can completely block sunlight. It is great for bedroom areas where privacy and light limitations is a must.

Honeycomb shades look like, well, honeycombs. The effect is generated through layering opaque fabric. A special quality of these window blinds is that their layering allows them to insulate the room by not letting heat or cold in.

There are also decorative wooden woven shades and timber blinds. They are usually made of interwoven bamboo and can be customized when it comes to width and height. This type of blinds is used best in situations where you want to directly block the sunlight from coming in but allow just a little natural light to seep in.

Whether you choose any or none of the above as your go to window covering for your homes, the comfort that you would want to achieve indoors is the most important factor you can consider when installing window coverings at home.


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Breath-taking Sea-Inspired Homes

Choosing a sea-inspired home can do more than just a decoration for you. It can create a beach-feeling ambience and it can showcase your outgoing and adventurous personality. True enough that sea-inspired homes can be simple – but it also depends on how you want it to be and where you want to focus.

Cool Palette Upholstery

A colorful palette upholstery will never get old when it comes to setting up your sea-inspired room or home. It gives vibrancy and colors to the house that makes it more vacation-looking and happy. Colors like sky blue, white and wood are just some of the basic colors your beach-themed home should have. Nautical stripes offer a nice accessory for your home.


Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar via Pinterest

Sheer curtains look

Make a good point in going sheer with your curtains. It gives a refreshing and light feel to the home – just like what beach and seaside avenues are – light mood and vibrant. Plantation shutters, such as those from Blinds Online Australia’s website is also a good window covering concept you can have for your seaside inspired home.

The color turquoise home

The color turquoise gives a good go for the summer. As refreshing as it is, it creates a sea-style approach that can be the best option to utilize. Turquoise is also a nice substitute from the usual white, blue and wood look that beach homes usually showcase.


 Photo Credit: HGTV via Pinterest

Open home

To get more on the trendy sea-feel, manage to have all the natural light enter your home. It can be through glass windows with linens and utilize the color white for a refreshing accent. This can create a good illusion of a beach house and will make your home more sea-inspired looking. Bigger windows, connecting rooms and lanais are just some of the best options for an open home that offers a refreshing and relaxing vibe present in beach houses.


 Photo Credit: Dose via Pinterest

Use shells and other you may see on the beach

This design project is actually a no brainer. Utilize all the things you can see on the beach to create the theme of your home. It is not necessary that it can come expensively but you can recycle some your old items to be more practical. You can also unleash your creativity on this.

Doing a sea-inspired hoe takes a lot of creative juices – so bring yours out and enjoy decorating. Keep it simple and minimal. Following the colors of the beach or sea can be of help in establishing a good ambience for your home.


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Tips for a Window Covering Make-Over

Your homes look dull, you dread the atmosphere indoors and you feel like there is no life inside your homes. Blame your windows and your dreary window coverings. It is time for a change. It is time to improve the look of your homes and the vibe in it. But the problem is, how can you do it without overwhelming yourself?

Start with one room at a time.

The temptation of completely changing all your draperies or window covering in one sitting is there. However, it is advisable not to decorate and change the window coverings of all your rooms once. This can take too much of your energy and creative juices and may make the endeavor less interesting. Decorating a home is an overwhelming task, thus it is important to go slow and work on one room at a time.

Assess, review your needs.

Jot down important notes about the windows in the areas of you home. Measure them and note their size and shape. Rough sketches can also help a lot. From there, you can formulate a look that you can pull-off with your window coverings.

Look for help, tips and ideas.

Seek inspiration. One thing is for certain, no matter what the challenge or situation that you are facing with your windows, someone else has already dealt with the same situation. Pinterest is one of the best places to find inspiration on how to add style and dazzle to your windows at home. Magazines, decorating websites and decorating books can also provide you with great ideas.

Make a plan.

Using your list of needs, rank the needs in order of importance and then make a plan that addresses your needs in that order. Having a plan allows you to follow a system and to cover all grounds needed in your decorating project.

Address your window coverings in stages.

This is especially if you are uncertain about your preferences or if you are working on a budget. Begin with the shades, blinds or shutters. Once these are selected and installed, move to draperies or curtains, including the traverse or curtain rod. Finally, you can add finishing touches and accessories to personalize the look of your windows at home.

If you are tired of the same old boring drapery and curtains, now is the time to make a change. Follow these steps and look for other great ideas and innovative looks in magazines. You’ll definitely make your home a warmer and more relaxing place to be in with a few upgrades in your windows and window coverings.

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Cheap Materials for Your DIY Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is one of the most frequently areas of the house. The kitchen countertop on the other hand is the area in the kitchen that tales a lot of abuse due to heated pots, sharp knives and abrasive cleaners. Ideally, the kitchen countertop should be able to stand up against intense heat as well as the sharp edges of the kitchen knife.

Let us take a look at some of the most popular kitchen countertop materials being used today:

Granite – A natural stone, granite is a popular choice for its classic beauty and durability.  Granite is the hardest and densest of the natural stones.  It can be also be considered as one of the most costly material for kitchen countertops, however, due to its strength and durability, it is still considered as one of the best investment inside your kitchen.

Marble – Another natural stone, marble is considered to be the height of elegance and will last longer than most kitchens countertop made from lighter materials. It is however, is very expensive and requires some care. Acidic foods for example such as orange juice and other tough detergents and cleaners will etch the finished surface of a marble kitchen countertop.

Slate – The material slate is well-known for its richness and beauty and is usually used in interior applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks or fireplace surrounds.  It can be used in either modern or traditional kitchens as well as in combination with marble.  Slate is durable, strong, and can withstand hard use.  It is less expensive than marble

Concrete – This is one of the biggest trends in kitchen countertops today.   Concrete is cheaper compared to the other materials mentioned above but can be transformed into different looks adding appeal and elegance to its overall appeal in the kitchen. It can be stained to depict a more natural color or created together with tile for a more sophisticated look inside the kitchen area.

Stainless Steel – Using stainless steel in the kitchen has many advantages. Its advantages include very hygienic, easy to clean, has ability to stand up to extreme wear and heat.  Stainless steel can provide a great look for an ultra-modern kitchen.  This is why most restaurants and high-end kitchen uses stainless steel – due to its elegance and durability. However, working on stainless steel countertops can be noisy.