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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Shopping for Lighting Online

Lighting is a very important aspect in your home. With proper lighting, small spaces look bigger and the rooms in general are more relaxing to be in. The internet is definitely one of the best places to get educated about the lighting requirements your home may need. If you have an idea on what brand or style of lighting fixture you are looking to buy, browsing the internet would save you a lot of time and money.


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To begin with, there are many types of lighting fixtures you can consider having inside your homes. Chandeliers, sconces, table and floor lamps, pendant lights, ceiling mounted lights, tack lighting, recessed lighting and bathroom fixtures are just some of the lighting fixtures you can have for indoor use. For the outdoors, you may want to consider having landscape lights, exterior scones, exterior ceiling fixtures, post lanterns and food lights.

So if you feel that you are in need of new lightings for your home. You might want to consider browsing online just like when looking for cheap blinds.

Here are some great reasons why you should feel confident when shopping for lighting fixtures online.

No expertise needed

You do not need to be an expert when it comes to lighting fixtures to shop with style and on a budget online. All you have to do is find a design that will match the rest of the décor that you have at home that is within your budget. Functionality should be a significant factor in picking lighting fixtures for your homes too. A well-organized lighting fixture website would be easy to navigate for you. You can also pick a selection of lighting styles online without any complications. This is also a chance for you to discover more lighting options for your home.


Photo Credit: OChandelier via Pinterest

You’ll save time and resources

Having to go to the mall to look for the perfect lighting fixture for your home may require you to dress up, walk, or ride via your car or a public transportation to get there. You might end up getting hungry in the process thus prompting you to dine while shopping. Window shopping and actual shopping – unplanned ones can also happen when you go out to look for lighting fixtures for your home. However, when you do the item hunting and the shopping online, you do not have to leave your doorstep to do the task. Doing things online, in this case, shopping saves you from the hassles and the expenses that you’ll incur when you go outside.


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Discounts and special offers

Most online websites that sell stuffs offers special discounts and offers for first time clients. You can take advantage of these promos as well as the free delivery options that comes with buying things online. Before buying an item, consider looking for existing coupons available online that may help you save more on your purchase. The important thing is to get the best price available for the brand that you prefer. Just be careful with reading the policies that the website offers to be able to handle possible differences especially when it comes to the actual delivery and function of your lighting items.

Shopping online is considerably fun, easy and saves you time and money.

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Asian Color Palettes You Should Have at Home

Color is very important when decorating your homes. It brings life and vibe inside your interior and helps you to achieve the look that you want to have inside your home.

Asian design on the other hand is one of the most culturally inspired and relaxing design that can suits your needs and your style at home. If you would want to achieve a tropical and very Asian look for your homes, you have come to the right place.

Here are some of the basic color combinations that you can include in your homes for that Asian unique feel.



Photo Credit: Home Adore via Pinterest

Wood hues are one of the most common indicators of the Asian design. The good thing about wood is that is comes in different tones to match the look that you have at home. Go for darker hues of wood for areas like your rooms and brighter ones for a more pleasant appeal in your living area. Carved furniture and wooden artifacts are also perfect accessories for your truly Asian look.


Just Imagine.jpg

Photo Credit: Just Imagine via Pinterest

Rich deep tones of red create an infusion of culture and style in your home. You can have intricately design pillows in shades of red complete with tassels and strings for that Asian appeal. Red works well with wood and will help you achieve a rather more interesting appeal for your living areas. Enjoy a balance between the Ying and the Yang in a room filled with wooden touches balanced by the vibrant shades of red in your furnishings.


One Kindesign

Photo Credit: OneKindesign via Pinterest

Buddha statues and other tribal carvings can also be included in your Asian decorated home. Add a few window blinds via in the shade of brown for that very cultural and antique look for your homes. Hints of this vivacious color is also perfect for bedrooms, your lanai, bathroom and areas that requires a more soothing and relaxing vibe.


Terracotta is another rich color that you can include in your homes. The outdoors of your home filled with terracotta bricks and blocks would look Asian and country-home like. An outdoor kitchen with a terracotta oven is also a sure fire conversation starter for guests.



Photo Credit: Decoholic via Pinterest

White on the other hand can be used a backdrop for these fusion of colors. Tone down your rich terracotta and red hues with a splash of white or beige in the room. A white ceiling is a great approach to make your room bigger and wider despite of the rich colors and accessories that may restrict the spatial look of your indoors.

Lamps, colorful fans, statues in wood and bronze and plants are some of the additional accessories that you can use to make your home look truly Asian.

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Why Do You Need a Garden Shed?

If you choose a simple shed for your garden to keep all of your tools and supplies, it is only appropriate to locate it within your backyard to make it accessible. It is also possible to ‘stealth’ if the designs and colors are quite an eyesore.  Apart from keeping your living area clean and organized, a garden storage shed can provide numerous other functions and benefits.

mary at home.jpg

Photo Credit: Mary at Home via Pinterest

[1] A garden shed can be a relaxing hideaway or nook

For people who look at garden sheds as a small private nook, it is possible to get a bigger shed to also accommodate a few homey items. You can bring in a bit of comfort and homey ambiance by adding small chairs, a table, a single mattress, a few books, and other trinkets. It can be a place to while away during the lazy summer days and if you need to unwind after a very busy day.

better homes and garden.jpg

Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens via Pinterest

[2] A homey and cozy guesthouse

A shed that’s situated in a garden should be cozy and welcoming. So, it is also ideal to upgrade the paintjob in order to fit in with the natural beauty of your garden. A rustic shed in a lovely garden can help you de-stress and entertain guests as well. This can also be a small guesthouse for someone who’s staying for the night after a long drive.

[3] A creative area for honing skills

For people who love arts and crafts, DIY projects, simple carpentry work, and other popular hobbies, cheap garden sheds are the best structures for these activities. You can encourage your family in doing the same once they see you actively using it while working on your latest project.


Photo Credit: Indulgy via Pinterest

[4] A place for peace and quiet

If you love going to a Zen garden and spa retreat, you can recreate the same ambiance by using a wooden shed. Create a similar atmosphere by adding some chimes, aroma therapy candles or burners, and some relaxing music. Of course it makes a difference if your shed is situated in the middle of your lush garden, too.

[5] A reading nook

Not necessarily a library, but a reading area for someone who loves books. It is best to add in some books, shelving on the walls, rocking chair or a divan and a few pillows for a relaxing story-telling with the kids or just by yourself.

Converting a garden storage shed into something else brings in new possibilities to your outdoor living space. You can be creative and adventurous with any type of function you have in mind for this humble structure in your garden.

Accumulating lots of stuff for your home and vehicle can clutter up your residence and garage. It is often hard to let go of these items, so it is only imperative to keep them in a proper storage area to de-clutter your living space. Cheap garden sheds are among the options if you wish to tidy up your space and organize other items that you regularly use in your backyard and garden.

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Devastating Mistakes Home Decorators Make You Should Avoid

Home decorating can be fun but when done overboard can be stressful most of the times. That is why it is very important to know the basic concepts and standards when it comes to home design. It is also essential to avoid the common mistakes decorators do when renovating and decorating homes.

Here are some of the common devastating mistakes home decorators do when designing homes.

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Letting clutter build up

With too many ideas and creative inputs in mind, a home might end up cluttered with so many furnishings and décor inside. When decorating your home, always have this in mind – less is more. To achieve the ultimate look for your home, stick to what you need and not what you might want for your homes. Every piece of furniture needs to have a purpose and its purpose should last as well. The more open spaces you have at home, the cleaner it looks and the more space you have.

Mixing up colors

Every piece of décor, color and texture should complement each other. Beautiful spaces are often created using a mixture of colors and patterns. A safe way to experiment on this idea is by placing complementary colors together. You can consider having light colored walls and darker venetian blinds Perth to achieve an interesting yet soothing look for your indoors.

Pushing furniture against the wall

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Furniture arrangement is one of the most significant aspects that will dictate the beauty of an amazing space. Some people tend to push their furniture to close to the floor and their chairs to far apart. This should not be the case. Open spaces are great for homes, but too much of it makes a room look bare and boring.

Going for beauty over comfort

Comfort should never be compromised when picking furnishing and furniture for your homes. No matter how good looking a piece of furniture may be, if you cannot relax or even sit on it, it is not for you and not for your homes.

Neglecting lighting

Too bright or too low lights inside your home will never work. Create a balance and go for the right ambiance in your space by picking the right lighting for the different spaces you have at home. Dimmer lights are advisable for bedrooms while brighter ones are great for living areas and common areas inside your homes.

Doing too much, too quickly

Your home is a work in progress. You cannot expect to complete everything overnight. Create a step-by-step plan to ensure that you are not side tracked with the decorating projects that you have at home. If it is your home your decorating, you do not need to rush. Choose one space to work on, complete it and then move to the next one.

Home projects that are well-thought of are often the successful ones and will create the best results, most of the time, even above your expectations.

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Admiring the Outdoors With Cozy Window Seats

Imagine a day sitting on your window seat while enjoying a sip of your favorite coffee. You see the people outdoors, the maple tree nearby and your dogs running around the yard. You grab your favorite book and start reading it for the fifth time while leaning lazily feet up on your cozy relaxing window seat. However, you realize that you do not have one at home. Too bad, but who say you can’t have one in less than a week or so?

To some adding a window seat is considered impractical. A blockout blind or curtain should be cut shorter to fit the space and it does occupy extra space, a thing some homes lacks. Some also see the project as time-consuming and expensive. However, with a few carpentry skills and a knack for creating something beautiful, having window seats at home bring back a laid-back appeal for your homes, making it an even better place to relax and enjoy. Another plus would be the extra storage and seating space you can have once these window seats are installed.

Photo Credit: Lushome via Pinterest

Here are the basic steps you can do to be able to create a window seat on your home.


The window seat will occupy the whole bottom of your window up to a portion plus a few feet or extension on both sides. It is ideal to have a C-shaped window seat to begin with. It would be advisable to get 2 cabinets whose lengths are half the length of your window and 2 more as the winged part of your seat. The height would be the height of your floor up to the bottom of your windows. If you prefer having a toe kick for your window seat, you can minus the height of your toe kick to get the height you need for your cabinets.

Toe Kick

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy via Pinterest

The toe kick is not only advisable to keep you from hitting your cabinets but it also allows you to level the area where you area about to install your cabinets. This can be anchored with a couple of screws into the floor or the wall studs. This base will also serve as the base where you can install the cabinets later on.

Check for duct works

Make sure that your window seat will not block any ducts or electrical installation. If it will, it is advisable to hire a professional to re-align your ducting to give way to the window seat.

Assemble the cabinets

You can now assemble the cabinets on the toe kick. It can be screwed or nailed into the base of your perimeter. It is advisable to drill fasteners in between the face frames of the cabinets to achieve a snug fit. Be sure that the face frames are perfectly flush before driving in the screws. Apply paint when done

Add the Upholstery

Photo Credit: Homedit via Pinterest

You can now add cushions and pillows to dress up your window seats. You can choose a color that compliments with your wall or a striking one to create more interest in the room. You can apply whatever your taste in color or decor for your window seat. The cabinets can be storage for your books or other favorite items that you would want to keep handy while enjoying your time beside your window.

Now you can start the day even better with a place where you can simply lo and behold on the beauty of nature and the outdoors, right at the comfort of your homes, sitting or laid-back on your stunning window seat.

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How to Avoid Bad Feng Shui Inside Your Homes

The start of the Chinese New Year has begun and Feng Shui experts are back on the spotlight sharing interesting facts and trivia on how to keep the good vibes and positive energy inside your homes. From the right paint colors to locating items inside your homes, you can definitely avoid bad luck and negative energy by following these simple tips compiled from different Feng Shui experts.

Feng Shui is all about the balance of the five Taoist elements, namely Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Paint is one of the most common attributes in home design that correlates with these elements.

feng shui
Photo Credit: Know Feng Shui via Pinterest

The Living Room

In Feng Shui, Fire is represented by the heart. Your living room is considered as the heart of your home. Even without Feng Shui in mind, keeping your living area inviting, bright and lively is already a must. One can do this by providing the right amount of illumination for the indoors and with bright accents to boost the mood inside. Fire colors such as red, purple and shades of red are perfect accents that can stimulate conversation and activity in this area.

The Dining Area

The element of the Earth is represented by the stomach in Chinese Medicine. The dining area is practically the place inside our home where food is served, eaten and digested. The dining room would perfectly look best Feng Shui considered and with the current trends in design in mind with Earthly objects and colors. Tones of gold, terra cotta and other soft colors would work well in this area.

The Bedroom

In Chinese medicine, Metal is represented by the lungs. Best colors for bedrooms are white, cream and soft pastels to create a calming and rejuvenating area to sleep. Bright and big prints on a bedding or drapery are not advisable because it does not promote a restful appeal for any room. It would also be advisable to have 3-day blinds indoor to enjoy private time inside.

The Bathroom

Water on the other hand is represented by the kidneys in Chinese medicine and can be correlated with the bathroom. Painting this room with soft, calm and quiet colors promotes peaceful elimination of waste for a more soothing and relaxing showering or bathing inside. Light blue is also a great color that can be used inside this part of the home.

The Kitchen

The live represents the element of the wood. Wood is used in the kitchen to build fire. It may not be the real deal nowadays since most homes are equipped with gas stoves, but it lies within parallel boundaries. The kitchen should be kept clean since this is where the food is prepared. White walls works best for this area. You can add a few accents of green to introduce the Wood element in this Wood Room in Feng Shui.

Taking these ideas in consideration can be beneficial to improve the positive energy in these areas at home. Applying these tips can harness the potential of a great year for your home this 2016.

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Common Items You’ll Find in Stylish Homes

Everyone loves a stylish home. Being able to live in a relaxing and well put together place that makes most of your friends and the rest of the neighbourhood is more or a personal achievement, especially for homeowners who have managed to pull off such, most especially at a fraction of the cost. Being able to crack the design code teaches a home designer in creating a sophisticated yet efficient home for a family. Spectacular spaces at home have their secrets, and here are the common secret denominators you’ll find inside these stylish homes.

Make your Focal Points Stand out in Confidence

Photo Credit: Happy Interior Blog via Pinterest

Create a statement piece in your living room that will automatically draw the eye onto it. This can be an elaborate painting, a queer looking totem pole or a strikingly designed mirror. Budget shouldn’t be an issue since you can actually score a nice feature you can add into a room that will stand out. It can be as simple as an accent wall or a vintage rug hung on your wall.

 Go for Natural Pieces

Photo Credit: Contemporist via Pinterest

Always add something organic inside your homes. Nature is definitely one of the hot trends for this year and you can get a lot of ideas outdoors to make your indoors standout. Make you rooms feel more alive by having a seashell decorated center table. You can either place seashells inside a box like table and cover it with glass or go for the usual potted plants for display indoors. Some homes can even go further to placing large trees or building a home around a tree making their home even more unique.

Offer Versatility with Texture

Photo Credit: Style Caster via Pinterest

Texture is also a very important element in homes. It adds interest and depth in rooms making it a far cry from looking cold and lifeless. However, keeping the balance between clam and interest should be put in consideration to avoid outdoing one over the other. Sheepskin, a beaded pillowcase, rustic furniture and sculptures are just some of the textures you can offer at home. Fur or velvet curtains can also make you achieve that sophisticate vibe for your homes.

Decorate with Memories

Photo Credit: Francisco Mugnai via Pinterest

A personal touch makes a home unique and different from the other. Hang pictures or souvenirs of your travels in a wall or neatly arrange your favorite collection in a glass cabinet. Surround yourself with great memoirs that can bring back the most treasured memories you and your family cherish.

Stick with a Design Classic

Photo Credit: The Finishing Touch via Pinterest

A few of the design classics inside your home can offer so much more than you have already imagine. Subway Tiles, Safari Chairs, Eames Furniture and the like are expensive pieces but can prove to be great additions you can have at home. One or two design classics if you would want to keep the modern-contemporary look and feel for your home.

Browsing in between the page of design magazines and actually seeing designer homes can help you identify the accessories and design you can adapt in your home, according to your budget, taste and personal style.