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Different Mini Blinds for Your Home

Window blinds are not only important home accessories to safeguard our home’s privacy. It is also important to control the amount of light that comes in. One good reason to choose curtains over blinds is the ease of installation. However, when function is taken into consideration, window blinds are more exotic, elegant and helps in making a room more efficient.

Here are some of the kind of mini blinds and window coverings you can consider for your homes.

The first factor to consider when getting blinds for your homes is style. The most popular ones are Venetian blinds that have horizontal sections that are either made of wood or metal. Panels sizes ranges from 16 to 50 mm in width. Vertical blinds on the other hand are practically blinds with vertical panels. The sections of these blinds can be completely separated if you want to take a good look of the outdoors. Vertical blinds are made of wood and metal and are also available in many different fabrics.

Roller shades on the other hand are mostly made of treated materials like vinyl. They roll up or down and can completely block sunlight. It is great for bedroom areas where privacy and light limitations is a must.

Honeycomb shades look like, well, honeycombs. The effect is generated through layering opaque fabric. A special quality of these window blinds is that their layering allows them to insulate the room by not letting heat or cold in.

There are also decorative wooden woven shades and timber blinds. They are usually made of interwoven bamboo and can be customized when it comes to width and height. This type of blinds is used best in situations where you want to directly block the sunlight from coming in but allow just a little natural light to seep in.

Whether you choose any or none of the above as your go to window covering for your homes, the comfort that you would want to achieve indoors is the most important factor you can consider when installing window coverings at home.




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