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Breath-taking Sea-Inspired Homes

Choosing a sea-inspired home can do more than just a decoration for you. It can create a beach-feeling ambience and it can showcase your outgoing and adventurous personality. True enough that sea-inspired homes can be simple – but it also depends on how you want it to be and where you want to focus.

Cool Palette Upholstery

A colorful palette upholstery will never get old when it comes to setting up your sea-inspired room or home. It gives vibrancy and colors to the house that makes it more vacation-looking and happy. Colors like sky blue, white and wood are just some of the basic colors your beach-themed home should have. Nautical stripes offer a nice accessory for your home.


Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar via Pinterest

Sheer curtains look

Make a good point in going sheer with your curtains. It gives a refreshing and light feel to the home – just like what beach and seaside avenues are – light mood and vibrant. Plantation shutters, such as those from Blinds Online Australia’s website is also a good window covering concept you can have for your seaside inspired home.

The color turquoise home

The color turquoise gives a good go for the summer. As refreshing as it is, it creates a sea-style approach that can be the best option to utilize. Turquoise is also a nice substitute from the usual white, blue and wood look that beach homes usually showcase.


 Photo Credit: HGTV via Pinterest

Open home

To get more on the trendy sea-feel, manage to have all the natural light enter your home. It can be through glass windows with linens and utilize the color white for a refreshing accent. This can create a good illusion of a beach house and will make your home more sea-inspired looking. Bigger windows, connecting rooms and lanais are just some of the best options for an open home that offers a refreshing and relaxing vibe present in beach houses.


 Photo Credit: Dose via Pinterest

Use shells and other you may see on the beach

This design project is actually a no brainer. Utilize all the things you can see on the beach to create the theme of your home. It is not necessary that it can come expensively but you can recycle some your old items to be more practical. You can also unleash your creativity on this.

Doing a sea-inspired hoe takes a lot of creative juices – so bring yours out and enjoy decorating. Keep it simple and minimal. Following the colors of the beach or sea can be of help in establishing a good ambience for your home.




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