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Design Copycat: Turning Your Homes into A Model Unit Inspired Abode

Turning your home into a nice showroom-quality abode is truly exciting. Different customizations await your creativity and shall be implemented. A make-over need not be an expensive one to look top of the class and outrageously decent.

Do you even wonder how model units seemed to be always presented with class, style and functionality, attracting interested home buyer. We can actually copy their design concept and turn our homes into a model unit worthy abode.

Here are some of the good things to try to turn your homes into a model unit inspired ones:

Colorful and classy chairs

A furniture can say a lot about your home. It give contrast and accent thus manages your homes theme and ambiance. Colorful and classy chairs are one of the best tools to create this accent. Chairs give light to the whole house and tricks spaces. Chairs that are usually featured in model units are compact, durable and colourful. A few of these indoors can make a lot of difference in your home.


Photo Credit: Timorous Beasties via Pinterest

Be flexible on the lights

Nowadays, chandeliers and light ceilings are out – lamps and candles are in. The latter gives a full accent of a certain area you want to highlight in your home. It creates a good sphere of home mobility and sets the mood of the house. Dim can be relaxing and lighted ones can be considered joyous and celebratory. Leaner type of lighting fixtures is so in nowadays and they play their role efficiently inside homes as well.

huffington post.jpg

Photo Credit: Huffington Post via Pinterest

You can never go wrong with white

White showcases elegance and classiness. More often than not, if you are in doubt of what theme to choose for your home – then, let there be white. It gives a refreshing and clean feel to the whole house. Keep your backdrop light to make your homes look bigger and accommodating as well. You can check Blinds Online Australia’s page to check window accessories that will work well with your white walls.

alice lane home collection.jpg

Photo Credit: Alice Lane Home Collection via Pinterest

Be Minimalist

As much as possible, do not put so much clutter. But this is also depend whether your personality is bright and colorful and thus enjoy more extravagant things at home. Being minimalist creates an illusion of a bigger space. If you are struggling to decorate a small area, be minimal on the things that you put in it.

Gravity Home.jpg

Photo Credit: Gravity Home via Pinterest

There are a lot of variety on how your homes can be high-class and model unit-inspired. The best way to go with it is to pattern the interiors to your personality so your home can speak for you.



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