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Unique Gifts to Consider for Father’s Day

Father’s day is just around the corner and it is very important to find time to exert extra efforts in making the man in our lives special. Our hard working fathers and husbands deserve to be treated special everyday of their lives and most especially during Father’s Day. Giving them a back massage, a nice dinner and a token or a gift that will help us remind them how special and important they are in our lives can make this day extra special.

Here is a collection of unique gifts I saw on Pinterest that would most likely make this year’s Father’s Day Special for the people we love.

The Grommet.jpg

Photo Credit: The Grommet via Pinterest

Manual Meat Shredder

Men love meat. They love steaks and burgers and anything that comes in between. Make these meat lovers enjoy their favorite dish with this unique yet fun manual meat shredder. They can even play pretend and act as if they’re Wolverine trying out his claws on their favorite meat dish.

Compass and Bracelet in One

Men, even though they might deny it can get lost most of the time. Help them get back on track during their outdoor escapades with a compass discreetly attached to a bracelet. It’s a fashionable bracelet and a functional compass rolled into one. Its light on the pocket as well if your budget is quite tight for gift giving this month.

Portable Iron

The woman of the house should be the one in charge of the ironing. However, when men do travel, especially for work, they do not have the luxury to bring their wives along with them. They can still keep their shirts wrinkle free with this portable iron. It’s light and can fit even at the back of their pockets.

Beer and Whisky Bubbles Protector

Your bearded Dad wouldn’t have to worry about catching broth and bubbles on their beard whenever they enjoy their whisky or beer with this bubbles protector. It fit snuggly tight on their favorite drinking mug and can be personalized with a special Father’s day message as well.

Tablet Holder

Is your Dad often on his table so that you can enjoy your favorite channel or to let Mom enjoy her favorite soap. Make it easy and convenient for him to enjoy his favorite show online with a tablet holder that can be conveniently places just right on top of his belly as he relax and enjoy being pampered on this special day for fathers.

Love, affection and appreciation are still the best gift fathers can receive for Father’s Day. Anything extra is a bonus.




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