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Turning Your Bare Home Into Your Dream Home

A bare home is not an empty home but a home that offers a big canvass for your creative ideas. There are many ways on how you can transform your home into a beautiful and homey one by following the tips that we have gathered from various decorating experts and home decorating blogs.

kimberly Renee Design.jpg

Photo Credit: Kimberly Renee Design via Pinterest

Here are some of the top decorating designs you can adapt to your bare homes for a cozier and truly inviting one.

Creating built-in sitting for your fireplace

The fireplace can be considered as one of the focal points that you can take time to decorate in your living rooms. You can add more interest and design to this area by creating a built-in seating place in your fireplace areas. With scrap woods or palettes, you can create a relaxing spot where the whole family can cuddle and relax during those cold winter nights.

Change how your ceiling looks

Ceilings need not be plain or just white. You can add more interest to your homes by putting some decorative efforts in your ceilings. You can have a vertical stripe painted in the center of the ceiling to update its look. Another great idea would be placing mouldings at the perimeter of your ceilings. You can even have wall paper installed into your ceilings for a more unique room. Painting your ceilings especially in your bedrooms is also a great idea to add a personal touch in your homes.

Accordion doors instead of partition walls

You can instantly restrict access in your homes or increase space when needed by using accordion doors as partition walls in areas where you want to combine rooms from time to time. You can install accordion doors in between your living room and your dining area to have a bigger space when hosting for parties. Your dining area and your lanai can be connected as well with accordion doors instead of the usual partition walls. Roller blinds at Blinds Online Australia can be used as room dividers in some areas of your home.

gravity home.jpg

Photo Credit: Gravity Home via Pinterest

Closet and storage space

Storage areas and closet spaces are often the most neglected considerations that are not included when planning and decorating a bare home. Be sure to have enough storage and wardrobe space in your homes even when your family starts to grow. A walk-in closet can be a nice idea if you have a spare room in your homes. You can also use the bottom of your sinks, your kitchen island and even your beds are extra storage spaces you can use in the future.

A barren room can transform into an efficiently decorated home with your creative skills and some inspiring ideas on the internet.




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