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Asian Color Palettes You Should Have at Home

Color is very important when decorating your homes. It brings life and vibe inside your interior and helps you to achieve the look that you want to have inside your home.

Asian design on the other hand is one of the most culturally inspired and relaxing design that can suits your needs and your style at home. If you would want to achieve a tropical and very Asian look for your homes, you have come to the right place.

Here are some of the basic color combinations that you can include in your homes for that Asian unique feel.



Photo Credit: Home Adore via Pinterest

Wood hues are one of the most common indicators of the Asian design. The good thing about wood is that is comes in different tones to match the look that you have at home. Go for darker hues of wood for areas like your rooms and brighter ones for a more pleasant appeal in your living area. Carved furniture and wooden artifacts are also perfect accessories for your truly Asian look.


Just Imagine.jpg

Photo Credit: Just Imagine via Pinterest

Rich deep tones of red create an infusion of culture and style in your home. You can have intricately design pillows in shades of red complete with tassels and strings for that Asian appeal. Red works well with wood and will help you achieve a rather more interesting appeal for your living areas. Enjoy a balance between the Ying and the Yang in a room filled with wooden touches balanced by the vibrant shades of red in your furnishings.


One Kindesign

Photo Credit: OneKindesign via Pinterest

Buddha statues and other tribal carvings can also be included in your Asian decorated home. Add a few window blinds via in the shade of brown for that very cultural and antique look for your homes. Hints of this vivacious color is also perfect for bedrooms, your lanai, bathroom and areas that requires a more soothing and relaxing vibe.


Terracotta is another rich color that you can include in your homes. The outdoors of your home filled with terracotta bricks and blocks would look Asian and country-home like. An outdoor kitchen with a terracotta oven is also a sure fire conversation starter for guests.



Photo Credit: Decoholic via Pinterest

White on the other hand can be used a backdrop for these fusion of colors. Tone down your rich terracotta and red hues with a splash of white or beige in the room. A white ceiling is a great approach to make your room bigger and wider despite of the rich colors and accessories that may restrict the spatial look of your indoors.

Lamps, colorful fans, statues in wood and bronze and plants are some of the additional accessories that you can use to make your home look truly Asian.



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