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Discovering Organized Garden Sheds and Homes

Every bloke must have a garden shed. But, who says women can’t have one too? When clutter starts mounting in the house, it is time for women to take matters into their own hands. Garden sheds, especially well-organized ones, are practical answers to storage problems in cluttered homes. It is an efficient way to keep stuff that would otherwise be crammed into the uncanny nooks of the house, garage and yard – lawnmowers, bicycles, gardening tools, ladders, lumber, and other leftovers of gardening and carpentry projects.

When these structures are properly organized, it can provide homeowners a space for doing projects that can be messy as it doubles up as a work station. It can be a great spot to do potting of plants, making carpentry projects, and doing other crafts for all family members. Thus, garden sheds are not just a man’s domain any more.


Photo Credit: 1001 Gardens via Pinterest

There is an infinite number of ways to get this structure get prepped up for all the rough handling it will encounter in its lifetime. Getting it organized can make the limited space maximized and give its users easy time finding their supplies and tools.

Here are some ideas to help you keep your garden shed neat, organized, and functional:

  • Hose Reels and Hooks. Tripping on unkempt garden hose is a common cause of garden accidents. You can neatly store it by using hose reels. A practical alternative is a big hook with a steep angle that can hold the hose in place until its next use.
  • Adjustable Shelves. When organizing the tools, keep the sizes in mind. Long-handled tools can be hung on hooks like the one used in storing the garden hose. If you want to free the walls for more efficient storage, use shelves. Make sure that the shelves you will buy or build are adjustable so that existing tools and those you intend to buy later with different lengths and heights can be stored properly.
  • Bins and Holders. The purpose of the shelves is defeated if you will just pile up everything you use one on top of another. Take decluttering a step farther by using bins and holders to stash and store your stuff in the shelves.
  • Baskets and Carryalls. You will notice that the stuffs that make up for the most clutter are those that you often use. Keeping a basket right where you often work (near the work table) or right where you usually pass (near the door) is strategic as it can function like a repository of everything you use for a current project. You must, however, get these all cleaned up once the project is completed. A carryall like a vintage milk bottle carrier or glass holder is a perfect grab-and-go organizer for small stuff that tends to easily get lost or misplaced.
  • Other Organizing Paraphernalia and Ideas. There are many other ways to keep your garden shed spick and span. You need not buy new ones too; recycle or reuse what’s in the house – toilet paper holder, magnets, boxes and other receptacles.

the garden glove.jpg

Photo Credit: The Garden Glove via Pinterest

Garden sheds can be bought; a well-organized shed is something you need to work out and maintain yourself. Not only will it save you time, energy, and money; it is more pleasurable to work in a space that is neat and organized.




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