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Make Your Home Maintenance Activities a Rewarding Experience

Maintenance is a very important aspect when it comes to keeping our home structurally sound and in good shape. Most households prefer doing maintenance together with spring cleaning. With spring just a few weeks away it is but perfect to give you a head start on what to do, what not to forget and how to make this year’s spring cleaning and home maintenance experience fun and rewarding.

It would be important to have a game plan before proceeding with the tedious process of cleaning and maintaining our homes. To add up fun together with all the activities at hand is another thing. Here are some important points you can do to inject fun and some bonding time as you go through the important areas you shouldn’t forget spending time on as you make your home sparkle this coming spring.



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Failing to keep water out of your house can result in too many destructive possibilities. Molds can start to build up, wood can begin to rot and your foundation might end up getting weak. However, locating leaks and generally cleaning these areas can be nasty and you might end up having no one willing to do the task with you. Make it a rewarding experience by putting the first 3 month savings you’ll end up getting in your water bill after cleaning up and repairing leaks in your home. That’s a whole lot of pot money to look forward to if you’d really pay attention into this aspect in your home.

Cleaning windows

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Windows are also one of the most commonly neglected areas in your home. Check your windows hardware for mold buildup, rust, missing screws and bolts and broken items. Pay attention to your honeycomb blinds Canberra as well for they could have accumulated a great deal of dust and dirt since your last general clean up. Fresh and pollution free air is something you can look forward to afterwards.


Check downspouts for holes and if they are still attached correctly to take away water from the house. Gutters are very important and valuable investments in a home because this protects homes from harsh elements of nature. If your gutters are working correctly, home shingles, wood installed under the eaves, siding, flooring and the landscaping around your home is protected and preserved. A broken gutter is a big repair to consider but if not done accordingly will bring a whole lot more damage that you can imagine. The motivation you can look forward to for this activity?  You can look forward to a good looking home from the indoors through the outdoors.

Changing filters

Change or wash filters at least once a month to keep the air from your air conditioning unit clean and fresh. You can hire someone or do the task yourself. Remember to clean the coils and wash the condenser located outside if needed. Keep the condenser free from shrubs and tree branches and make sure that your drain is free from clogs. You should also include cleaning your furnace filter to make it ready for the coming fall.

Driveways and walkways


Photo Credit: Homedit via Pinterest

Power wash your driveways and walkways.  You can rent a power washer for about $30 so you can do the job yourself and never miss a spot. These remove mildew and prevent discoloration. Wood decks on the other hand should be clean with a softer brush and soap because pressurized water can damage its wood fibers.

The rewarding experience that comes with cleaning and maintaining your home is that you know that your home is clean, in top shape and is structurally capable of protecting you and your family all year round. That, and the extra savings you’ll get as you fix leaks and holes in your home is more than enough to inspire you in keeping your homes spick and span!



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