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4 Green Ways Around the House and Garden

Do you ever wonder why this generation is so keen to go back to green and organic practices? Not that technology is less appreciated. We have the technologies and innovations to be thankful for the easier and more comfortable life. Consider the benefits of efficient travel and communication, information technology, and medical advancements among others.

But, technologies and technical advancements also cause pollution, deplete natural resources, exhaust fossil fuels, modify land topographies, destroy habitats, kill the wildlife, and create immense volumes of solid wastes. In the face of these environmental crises, one can’t help but realize that technology can be better used in fostering sustainable practices.


Photo Credit: melbriply.tumbler via Pinterest

Sustainable or green practices are those methods that help people generate from the earth materials like food without harming the environment.  There are innovative ways to complement technologies with these green practices so that the quality of the environment will not deteriorate. By consciously integrating these sustainable practices in everyday life, these become a part of their norms and culture.

Gardening, for instance, is a green hobby that can provide organic crops on the table. It is a good opportunity to put green practices to good use. How? Here are some ways:


Photo Credit: Inhabitat via Pinterest

  • Create an organic garden. This means using compost for conditioning or fertilizing the soil and biological control to ward off the common pests. Transforming kitchen scraps and garden litters into compost can also help reduce and reuse solid waste. This type of soil conditioners prevents the soil from becoming acidic in the long run. Meanwhile, find out what herbs and plants can repel insects. Some are flower-bearing and can enhance your garden such as marigold and sunflowers while some are herbs like onion and garlic that can be used for cooking.
  • Build environment-friendly garden sheds. Having a garden shed is common even for homes that have no elaborate garden. It can functionally serve as storage for house and garden stuff that are otherwise left strewn around. Eco-friendly garden sheds make use of materials that can decompose or lumber from commercial forests. These also smartly make use of sustainable energy sources such as electricity generated by harnessing wind or solar energy.
  • Plant more trees around the house and garden. Trees help clean the air. They filter the air by absorbing odors and gases like ammonia, nitrogen oxides, ozone and sulphur dioxide. Aside from that, trees also release oxygen, the air that people breathe. Trees can also help save water. If there are a lot of trees, water evaporation slows down and it gets absorbed by smaller plants and grasses. When trees transpire, they increase moisture in the atmosphere.
  • Conserve Water. Another way to save water in the garden is by installing a water-efficient irrigation system. A trick that very few gardeners know about it is that aside from using water from the faucet to water plants, it is much better to use harvested rainwater. An advantage of this is that rain water is free and it does not increase the water bill.
  • Window Treatments. Maximizing the potential of your windows in providing heat and in warming your homes can be achieved with window blinds and other window coverings. Energy costs inside your homes are also reduced when this fixture in your home is well utilized.

Saving the environment from further deterioration is every man’s responsibility. It can start right here right now in your own home and yard.



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