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A New Perspective in Decorating with Antiques

Antiques are not just classy and expensive pieces of furniture. They are time pieces that bring us back in time together with all the memories and happy times that they remind us of. Reinventing and using these pieces to decorate a relaxing abode perfect for the modern day home is not as hard as you think. One does not necessarily have to lean into the traditional and classic design to pull-off a design that will match the regal appeal of antiques. With creativity and a spark of ingenuity, classic pieces like antiques can be mixed and match to achieve a fun and relaxing look for your homes.


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I have always seen a home as a retreat that we can all go through after a tiring day outdoors. It is a secure and relaxing place, a place for intimacy, memories and growth not only individually but as a family. Homes help us live in a certain way. We can go for a relaxing beach appeal for our homes or enjoy the accessibility and comfort a modernly designed abode offers. Adding decorative pieces from the pasts makes an area even more interesting. Here are some tips in adding new light in home decorating with antiques.

It is all about the setting

Achieving a mood that we would want to go home to at the end of the day is one of the major things that we should consider when decorating our homes. It can be an extension of our busy and active life outdoors or a retreat from the fuzz and the buzz of the outside world. Knowing what you want for your home as a theme in general helps you decide on which antique pieces would work well in achieving such ambiance. Homes should be our happy place. And happiness can be defined as simple as having blackout blinds for your windows or a retro side table lamp as the focal point of your living areas.


Photo Credit: Hometalk via Pinterest

Emotional footprints

Emotional footprints or the feeling that we associate with a certain piece of antique furnishing is also important. Does a quilted blanket bring memory of comfort and love from your grandparents? Will your late late grandmother’s stunning bedside drawer remind you of the good old days you got to spend with her? Choose emotional footprints that uplift your spirits, bring back happy memories and allows you to recall your love ones and experiences from the past in a cherishing and vibrant way. Gloomy memories that comes with an expensive painting or painful experiences that certain antique pieces reminds  you should not be welcomed in your home.


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Material and colors

When decorating with antiques, keep in mind the color and material of the items that you will include in your layout. Natural materials and handmade antiques would look well in a tropical designed setting. Wood is also a great material suited for almost any house design in mind. Simple easy shapes that would blend with the new and the old inside your home should be considered in your general home design. As for colors, white walls with wood tones, a few shades of blue and green will keep the look modern yet connected with history and the past.

Decorating, even with antiques can still be fun, funky and colorful with the right blending of materials and coordination among the pieces and memories that you would want to include in your home.



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