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Achieving a Unique House Design

As we always talk about home design, decorating, and home improvement in my blog, I’ve thought to write a short piece about where it usually starts: picking a house design. Indeed, one of the most exciting projects that a couple can do is building their first home. When planning to build a house, aside from its functionality, the aesthetic aspect is also given much importance. Although the ‘form follows function’ design principle is followed most of the time when designing buildings, some architects already have a vision of how the building will look like before he even organizes the spaces in the building. The environment where the building will be erected is also considered in the design process, where the natural beauty of the surroundings blends with the building’s design.


Photo Credit: Style At Home via Pinterest

Looking for a new house design has become easier with the internet. However, some designs are too generic that you may end up choosing a house design that can be found in many other places. If you want your house to look unique, you need to look for a home designer or architect who can maximize the good aspects of the site where your house is going to be built, as well as minimize or downplay the bad ones. It would even be better if he can show you not only his design samples, but pictures of real houses he himself designed.

Taking into account the natural beauty of the environment where the house will be built is one of the secrets to making a design unique. The designer has to consider the site’s topography and prevailing climate, among others, and let the design process flow from there. You can’t just use an existing design and expect it to be a perfect fit for a certain environment. Aside from these considerations, the owners also have to be consulted in terms of what their needs are, as well as get their general idea of how they would like their home to look like. As a homeowner, you definitely have a say in the design of your abode. Effectively working with your home designer is making compromises and respecting each other’s ideas and suggestions.

Architectural Designs House Plans.jpg

Photo Credit: Architectural Designs House Plans via Pinterest

When designing your home, think of the future as well. Let your architect know if you have plans for expansions or extensions in the event that your family gets bigger. This would help him in conceptualizing a design that would allow for such additions in the future.

Achieve a unique design for your home by working closely with your architect, as well as with the environment where your house is going to be built.

Do you have dream house design ideas in mind? Share them below to also inspire other aspiring homeowners!



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