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How to Duplicate Tuscan Home Exterior Qualities

Having a Tuscan-inspired home has always been a dream of mine. However, while our home today does not really resemble a Tuscan home, it has its own cozy charm which is enough for our family for now. Nonetheless, a Tuscan home is still a dream house for me, so I’ll share a bit about it below.


Photo Credit: Houzz via Pinterest

Those familiar with Tuscan architecture know that Tuscan home exterior always features natural stones. It is easy to judge at a glance how sturdy and durable the homes are by the materials used in constructing and decorating them. Before entering the main house, there is a patio or portico to serve as an open area to commune with nature without having to go far away from home. A fountain provides additional refreshing sight and some stone statues can be found to grace the area.

The roofs have terracotta or slate tiles as an extension of all the natural colors splashed below. The durability of these materials makes them the top roofing supplies for traditional and modern Tuscan homes yet they provide the same sense of rustic and nostalgic appeal. The windows are tall, slightly tucked in the recesses of the wood frame and painted in natural hues of green to provide contrast against walls made of stones.

Even if you only have enough means to purchase a cheap kit home, for instance, you can still design it to look like a Tuscan home straight out of Italy. However, you need to follow some basic tips if you want to duplicate all these charming Tuscan home exterior characteristics.

Creating the Tuscan Look for the House Exterior

Choose warm colors such as cream and yellow in painting the house exterior. Create texture by using gradient shades to evoke warmth, which is the outstanding quality of any Tuscan home. With these light colors, it is easy to provide decorative items that can easily stand against the pale background.

If you opt to have more texture and create a more rustic look for the house exterior, apply stucco to have a Tuscan finish for the walls. Stucco is achieved by using plaster and coating it while still damp. An old world texture results as the stunning effect of this painting technique.


Photo Credit: Zillow via Pinterest

Tuscan homes always seem to be inviting with several doors that can be found from the entry gate to the main door leading to the house up to the back door leading to the garden or patio. Doorways are always arched with columns on both sides. However, privacy is well guarded with the installation of decorative wrought-iron perimeter fence and at the same time adding an ornamental appeal to the whole architectural package.

Lay out weathered, whitewashed bricks or stones to create a foot trail in the front and back garden. Put brightly colored ceramic tiles on the walls and floors of the patio.

Grow traditional trees and bushes that are known to flourish the hills of Tuscany. Plant them not only to provide shade, but also to shield the residents from too much exposure in the patio and to bring in the airy, refreshing sight of nature.

Install a stone fountain somewhere in the garden to serve as the focal highlight of all Tuscan accents amidst all the elements of nature.

Tuscan home exterior has enduring and sturdy qualities that provide an assurance for dwellers that it is a safe place to stay in. The colors of nature that are smeared all over give the rustic feeling of being in the peaceful setting of imaginary Tuscany hillsides that pulsate with life. Because of these characteristics, many house designers are motivated to use Tuscan-inspired ideas in homes hoping to bring in the same pleasant atmosphere that is authentic only to the little town of Tuscany, Italy.



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