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How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Curtain Rods

Having curtains is a common feature inside homes. It serves as an aesthetic addition to your home and many other purposes including privacy, cold and heat protection. However, just like other home furnishings and accessories, they can sometimes pose a problem and some few risks. Some of the common problems encountered with draperies and curtains are moving traverse rods, looped control cords, stuck and sticking curtain rings and the like.

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Luckily, most curtains, drapes and window blinds do not come with control cords anymore. These proved to be a risky accessory in window treatments because it can cause entanglement in children and home pets. Most modern designed window treatments are now designed with control cords that meet safety standards and some can already function without control cords.

However, curtains rods come with several functional issues. Here are some of the common window treatment problems and easy ways to resolve it.

Window draperies can occasionally open unevenly on both sides or they may not meet in the center when fully closed. Jamming can also be frequent in this kind of set-up which makes your draperies a little awkward. The best option to resolve this problem is to place your rods as close to the ceiling as possible two inches of free access will do. When curtains are hung higher, the curtain rings have no way to interfere with the edges of your window frame.


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Having big windows may require big curtains which may drive away the attention from the focal points in your rooms. Do not be afraid in creating a new focal point for your home areas because this might actually bring a refreshing change and improvement to your rooms. However, if you would want to keep the current them of your home as your main attraction, you can choose a curtain shade close or lighter than that of the color of your wall.

Bay windows on the other hand are considered as one of the window types that is very hard to decorate with curtains. There are actually two curtain options for bay windows. You can hang them on either side before it starts to bay and then install a Roman shade on the inside of every window. Or you can go all curtain on each window, the left side, the area where the windows joins, one on the outside and one where the other windows joins.


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There is also no standard rule when it comes to the length of your curtains. Some prefer floor length curtains to achieve a cleaner and more modern look. Others enjoy having three to four inches of free space from the floor especially with pets around the house.

Getting the correct type of curtain ring and rod for your curtains or drapes is a must. Heavier drapes may require several curtain rings made of heavy duty metal and a sturdier curtain rod to prevent it from sagging. Light-weight curtains on the other hand can have plastic curtain rings or even wooden ones for a contrasting yet interesting look.


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