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Home Office Clean-up Tips for a Clutter-Free Workplace

For moms and dads out there who work at home (whether full-time or on a case-to-case basis), having a home office is highly recommended. This can be a spare room or a small space at home, an outside shed, or anywhere really, as long as it provides you the opportunity to think, focus, and work in peace for a while.

Of course, while some of us don’t regularly work from home, having a clean home office is still crucial to our productivity. There are many advantages to having a clean and presentable home office. Aside from providing a work environment that’s neat and tidy which can increase productivity, it also builds a good impression among the visitors, especially potential clients (this works if you run a business at home). It also helps in organizing files and makes it easy to locate them. This is aside from the fact that having a clean office also promotes good health; a dirty place, needless to say, can become an easy breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

If you want to tidy things up where you work and achieve a spic-and-span office, you may encounter a few challenges, especially if it’s your first time to do it. Below are simple but helpful tips on how to have a spotless and organized office.

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Photo Credit: West Elm via Pinterest

Paper problem

When it comes to having a messy-looking workspace, one of the biggest offenders when it comes to causing an eyesore (and precious hours wasted looking for documents) is disorganized and cluttered paper files. It can be tough organizing files and folders, so what you can do for starters is to have trays and/or folders and envelopes. Label the folders/envelopes so you can easily tell what sort of files are there. If you decide to keep these in a filing cabinet, be sure to label the drawers accordingly as well.

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Photo Credit: Organized Interiors via Pinterest

Electronic equipment upkeep

Believe it or not, one of the dirtiest devices in your office (or at home, for that matter) is your computer keyboard. Since there are times when you eat in front of your computer while working on something, it’s hard to prevent things like crumbs from falling into those little spaces between the keys, which can a breeding ground for bacteria. Be sure to clean not only your keyboard but your entire PC set, including the mouse, monitor, CPU casing, and the speakers if you have a pair.

Desktop de-cluttering

Hawthorne and Main.jpg

Photo Credit: Hawthorne and Main via Pinterest

When you’re so engrossed with your tasks in your workstation, you may grab things here and put them somewhere, making your desk look like it has just survived a storm or a war. If you don’t want to tidy up after working, be sure to return things where you got them. If you can’t do this while you’re busy, you can schedule a de-cluttering at the end of the workday.

Get rid of rubbish

By rubbish here I mean stuff you just no longer and will no longer have any use for anytime in the future that’s just taking up space and collecting dust. It can be hard to let go of unnecessary items, especially if there’s some sentimental value attached to them. But you have to choose between having a tidy and clutter-free workstation versus keeping mementos that just tend to make your space untidy. If you really can’t let go of certain items, you can keep them away in your storage area at home.



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