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5 Quick Tips in Decorating Windows with Blinds

Windows are one of the most commonly neglected areas in a home when it comes to decorating. But when these areas are paid attention to, they create a different atmosphere for your homes. Depending on the effect that you would want to achieve, selecting the right kind of window treatment that will make your home look extra stunning without compromising the overall function of your windows at home is a must

Vertical blinds are the most common type of window treatment preferred for homes and offices. Materials ranges from metallic and vinyl blinds perfect for sleek and modern style as well as wooden and fabric blinds great for a warm and casual look just like those found in country cottages. Cheap vertical blinds and expensive ones are also available for you to choose from. To achieve the look that you want for your homes, here are some quick tips you can follow when decorating with window blinds.


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Position and location

When decorating with window treatments such as vertical blinds, knowing where and how it will be used is important. Prior to purchasing blinds, identify the role that it will be playing inside your household. Fabric vertical blinds are perfect for sun rooms because it creates some shade and prevents the room from getting too hot. Yet, it still allows light to enter the room. Wooden blinds on the other hand are perfect for nurseries since they are capable of blocking the light completely, great for daytime naps.

Complimentary colors

Colors play a very important role in home décor. Be sure that the vertical blinds that you are getting complements or works with the current color scheme your home has. Darker painted homes would look brighter and clean with white and neutral colors used as window treatments. Bold colors on the other hand would work great for plain looking walls to create a focal point inside your homes.

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Complimentary furniture

Make sure that your furniture complements with the color and design of your window coverings to achieve the look that you would want to achieve for your homes. If you would want to keep the current furniture that you have at home, choose a blind design and blind material that compliments with your furniture. Metallic blinds would look great with antique furniture while timber blinds would work well with modern furnishings.

Experiment carefully


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Combine different styles of window blinds in a room with different sized windows. You can use venetian blinds for majority of your windows and have Roman blinds for fixed windows you have in that room. Be sure to create the concept and design on paper or CAD software first before buying the set of blinds you intend to install in your windows.

Remember to incorporate soft touches

Your home should feel accommodating and relaxing, not office like. Soften the vibe inside your rooms by adding some decorative curtain poles with soft fabrics as drapes on top of your venetian blinds. It does necessarily have to work as a curtain but just a decorative fixture that will soften the personality of the hard lines window blinds are known for. It can be colorful sheer fabrics that are easy to clean and flows freely with the wind.

Patterns and textures are also some of the aesthetic aspects that you can include in designing your windows with venetian blinds. Budget-wise, there are many materials and venetian blinds brands that will work with the current budget that you have for decorating your homes.

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