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5 Surefire Ways to Deal with Household Chores

Household chores are constant, can be boring most of the times, but are necessary to keep homes clean and livable. Cleaning and housework can be overwhelming at times even if we already have established a to-do list. Some may feel that it is never ending. Well actually, it really is a repetitive task that should be done in a regular basis.

When you suddenly feel that you are biting more than you can chew, you can stop, breathe and consider getting help. If no extra hand is available to divide the work with you, you can do the job one bit at a time to avoid squashing all the air and will power from you.

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When you suddenly feel overwhelmed or in the middle of a huge daunting task, consider these tips to be able to survive the ordeal.

The Snowball Method

The Snowball method is a financial approach to paying off debts from the smallest to the largest. Tackling the smaller tasks will allows you to adjust and prepare for the bigger task waiting after you are done with the easiest one. Starting with the smaller ones also allows you to see results, if not instantly, within a short period of time. Starting with the difficult tasks may overwhelm you and may leave you too tired or in despair to go on with the lesser difficult ones. Deal with the mess on the coffee table first before dealing with the clutter and mess you have I your kitchen area.

The Kitchen Sink Method

If the whole house needs you attention, it is advisable to begin with your kitchen sink. Scour your kitchen sink until it is sparking clean. The whole house may be a mess but at least you have a clean kitchen sink to be proud of. This can also be considered as a calm space inside your homes. You can replace the sink and start with your honeycomb blinds Canberra instead. You can start anywhere and then move on from that spot to the nearby ones.

The 15-Minute Method

Focus on a cleaning task for 15 minutes and see positive results. Sometimes, we really need to pay keen attention to the things that we do at the moment to achieve something. If you are cleaning your living area while catching up with your favorite TV series, you will most likely finish the task in an hour instead of 30 minutes or so. No matter what the task is, you must suck it up and do it. Do that job in 15 minutes with no distractions and without undivided attention. You will definitely be surprised with the results.

The Quick Sweep Method

Pick up the plastic bag lying around the kitchen table. Align the books on the shelf or wipe the wet floor on the front deck. Attending to the current clutter or activity in your homes immediately solve the problems and prevents it from getting worst. You are achieving several small things in the process as well and can be considered as large accomplishments at the end of the day.

The Purge

Getting rid of the things that are no use for your homes, for good is necessary and should be done regularly. Make it a point to assign a day in the month were you throw away or donate stuff that are of no use to you and your home in general. You’ll keep your home clutter free and spacious while doing so.



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