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Devastating Mistakes Home Decorators Make You Should Avoid

Home decorating can be fun but when done overboard can be stressful most of the times. That is why it is very important to know the basic concepts and standards when it comes to home design. It is also essential to avoid the common mistakes decorators do when renovating and decorating homes.

Here are some of the common devastating mistakes home decorators do when designing homes.

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Letting clutter build up

With too many ideas and creative inputs in mind, a home might end up cluttered with so many furnishings and décor inside. When decorating your home, always have this in mind – less is more. To achieve the ultimate look for your home, stick to what you need and not what you might want for your homes. Every piece of furniture needs to have a purpose and its purpose should last as well. The more open spaces you have at home, the cleaner it looks and the more space you have.

Mixing up colors

Every piece of décor, color and texture should complement each other. Beautiful spaces are often created using a mixture of colors and patterns. A safe way to experiment on this idea is by placing complementary colors together. You can consider having light colored walls and darker venetian blinds Perth to achieve an interesting yet soothing look for your indoors.

Pushing furniture against the wall

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Furniture arrangement is one of the most significant aspects that will dictate the beauty of an amazing space. Some people tend to push their furniture to close to the floor and their chairs to far apart. This should not be the case. Open spaces are great for homes, but too much of it makes a room look bare and boring.

Going for beauty over comfort

Comfort should never be compromised when picking furnishing and furniture for your homes. No matter how good looking a piece of furniture may be, if you cannot relax or even sit on it, it is not for you and not for your homes.

Neglecting lighting

Too bright or too low lights inside your home will never work. Create a balance and go for the right ambiance in your space by picking the right lighting for the different spaces you have at home. Dimmer lights are advisable for bedrooms while brighter ones are great for living areas and common areas inside your homes.

Doing too much, too quickly

Your home is a work in progress. You cannot expect to complete everything overnight. Create a step-by-step plan to ensure that you are not side tracked with the decorating projects that you have at home. If it is your home your decorating, you do not need to rush. Choose one space to work on, complete it and then move to the next one.

Home projects that are well-thought of are often the successful ones and will create the best results, most of the time, even above your expectations.



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