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Admiring the Outdoors With Cozy Window Seats

Imagine a day sitting on your window seat while enjoying a sip of your favorite coffee. You see the people outdoors, the maple tree nearby and your dogs running around the yard. You grab your favorite book and start reading it for the fifth time while leaning lazily feet up on your cozy relaxing window seat. However, you realize that you do not have one at home. Too bad, but who say you can’t have one in less than a week or so?

To some adding a window seat is considered impractical. A blockout blind or curtain should be cut shorter to fit the space and it does occupy extra space, a thing some homes lacks. Some also see the project as time-consuming and expensive. However, with a few carpentry skills and a knack for creating something beautiful, having window seats at home bring back a laid-back appeal for your homes, making it an even better place to relax and enjoy. Another plus would be the extra storage and seating space you can have once these window seats are installed.

Photo Credit: Lushome via Pinterest

Here are the basic steps you can do to be able to create a window seat on your home.


The window seat will occupy the whole bottom of your window up to a portion plus a few feet or extension on both sides. It is ideal to have a C-shaped window seat to begin with. It would be advisable to get 2 cabinets whose lengths are half the length of your window and 2 more as the winged part of your seat. The height would be the height of your floor up to the bottom of your windows. If you prefer having a toe kick for your window seat, you can minus the height of your toe kick to get the height you need for your cabinets.

Toe Kick

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy via Pinterest

The toe kick is not only advisable to keep you from hitting your cabinets but it also allows you to level the area where you area about to install your cabinets. This can be anchored with a couple of screws into the floor or the wall studs. This base will also serve as the base where you can install the cabinets later on.

Check for duct works

Make sure that your window seat will not block any ducts or electrical installation. If it will, it is advisable to hire a professional to re-align your ducting to give way to the window seat.

Assemble the cabinets

You can now assemble the cabinets on the toe kick. It can be screwed or nailed into the base of your perimeter. It is advisable to drill fasteners in between the face frames of the cabinets to achieve a snug fit. Be sure that the face frames are perfectly flush before driving in the screws. Apply paint when done

Add the Upholstery

Photo Credit: Homedit via Pinterest

You can now add cushions and pillows to dress up your window seats. You can choose a color that compliments with your wall or a striking one to create more interest in the room. You can apply whatever your taste in color or decor for your window seat. The cabinets can be storage for your books or other favorite items that you would want to keep handy while enjoying your time beside your window.

Now you can start the day even better with a place where you can simply lo and behold on the beauty of nature and the outdoors, right at the comfort of your homes, sitting or laid-back on your stunning window seat.



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