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How to Avoid Bad Feng Shui Inside Your Homes

The start of the Chinese New Year has begun and Feng Shui experts are back on the spotlight sharing interesting facts and trivia on how to keep the good vibes and positive energy inside your homes. From the right paint colors to locating items inside your homes, you can definitely avoid bad luck and negative energy by following these simple tips compiled from different Feng Shui experts.

Feng Shui is all about the balance of the five Taoist elements, namely Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Paint is one of the most common attributes in home design that correlates with these elements.

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The Living Room

In Feng Shui, Fire is represented by the heart. Your living room is considered as the heart of your home. Even without Feng Shui in mind, keeping your living area inviting, bright and lively is already a must. One can do this by providing the right amount of illumination for the indoors and with bright accents to boost the mood inside. Fire colors such as red, purple and shades of red are perfect accents that can stimulate conversation and activity in this area.

The Dining Area

The element of the Earth is represented by the stomach in Chinese Medicine. The dining area is practically the place inside our home where food is served, eaten and digested. The dining room would perfectly look best Feng Shui considered and with the current trends in design in mind with Earthly objects and colors. Tones of gold, terra cotta and other soft colors would work well in this area.

The Bedroom

In Chinese medicine, Metal is represented by the lungs. Best colors for bedrooms are white, cream and soft pastels to create a calming and rejuvenating area to sleep. Bright and big prints on a bedding or drapery are not advisable because it does not promote a restful appeal for any room. It would also be advisable to have 3-day blinds indoor to enjoy private time inside.

The Bathroom

Water on the other hand is represented by the kidneys in Chinese medicine and can be correlated with the bathroom. Painting this room with soft, calm and quiet colors promotes peaceful elimination of waste for a more soothing and relaxing showering or bathing inside. Light blue is also a great color that can be used inside this part of the home.

The Kitchen

The live represents the element of the wood. Wood is used in the kitchen to build fire. It may not be the real deal nowadays since most homes are equipped with gas stoves, but it lies within parallel boundaries. The kitchen should be kept clean since this is where the food is prepared. White walls works best for this area. You can add a few accents of green to introduce the Wood element in this Wood Room in Feng Shui.

Taking these ideas in consideration can be beneficial to improve the positive energy in these areas at home. Applying these tips can harness the potential of a great year for your home this 2016.



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