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Common Items You’ll Find in Stylish Homes

Everyone loves a stylish home. Being able to live in a relaxing and well put together place that makes most of your friends and the rest of the neighbourhood is more or a personal achievement, especially for homeowners who have managed to pull off such, most especially at a fraction of the cost. Being able to crack the design code teaches a home designer in creating a sophisticated yet efficient home for a family. Spectacular spaces at home have their secrets, and here are the common secret denominators you’ll find inside these stylish homes.

Make your Focal Points Stand out in Confidence

Photo Credit: Happy Interior Blog via Pinterest

Create a statement piece in your living room that will automatically draw the eye onto it. This can be an elaborate painting, a queer looking totem pole or a strikingly designed mirror. Budget shouldn’t be an issue since you can actually score a nice feature you can add into a room that will stand out. It can be as simple as an accent wall or a vintage rug hung on your wall.

 Go for Natural Pieces

Photo Credit: Contemporist via Pinterest

Always add something organic inside your homes. Nature is definitely one of the hot trends for this year and you can get a lot of ideas outdoors to make your indoors standout. Make you rooms feel more alive by having a seashell decorated center table. You can either place seashells inside a box like table and cover it with glass or go for the usual potted plants for display indoors. Some homes can even go further to placing large trees or building a home around a tree making their home even more unique.

Offer Versatility with Texture

Photo Credit: Style Caster via Pinterest

Texture is also a very important element in homes. It adds interest and depth in rooms making it a far cry from looking cold and lifeless. However, keeping the balance between clam and interest should be put in consideration to avoid outdoing one over the other. Sheepskin, a beaded pillowcase, rustic furniture and sculptures are just some of the textures you can offer at home. Fur or velvet curtains can also make you achieve that sophisticate vibe for your homes.

Decorate with Memories

Photo Credit: Francisco Mugnai via Pinterest

A personal touch makes a home unique and different from the other. Hang pictures or souvenirs of your travels in a wall or neatly arrange your favorite collection in a glass cabinet. Surround yourself with great memoirs that can bring back the most treasured memories you and your family cherish.

Stick with a Design Classic

Photo Credit: The Finishing Touch via Pinterest

A few of the design classics inside your home can offer so much more than you have already imagine. Subway Tiles, Safari Chairs, Eames Furniture and the like are expensive pieces but can prove to be great additions you can have at home. One or two design classics if you would want to keep the modern-contemporary look and feel for your home.

Browsing in between the page of design magazines and actually seeing designer homes can help you identify the accessories and design you can adapt in your home, according to your budget, taste and personal style.



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