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A Thorough Guide to a Minimalist Home

We live in a generation where having more is praised and having just a little is shunned. When it comes to designing a home, however, having less is always the best way to go. Some homeowners have a mindset that filling their house with stuff is good and advantageous because it will make their house look more elegant and valuable. The opposite is true. If you want your home to look well-designed, you should consider applying minimalist principles when designing it.

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If you are asking why a minimalist home is better, for one, it is less stressful to live in. Clutter is a distraction to the eyes and to the mind, and too much of it can cause stress. The less stuff you have inside your home, the less clutter you will have to deal with, and the more calm and peaceful you will be.

Another reason that you should consider a minimalist home design is that it is more appealing to the eye. If I am a potential house buyer and I were given two houses to choose from, I would immediately go for one that has less stuff in it, because less stuff automatically means more space. Moreover, a house with less clutter is more attractive to look at, so think twice if you think that a house full of stuff is better than one that is almost empty.

A minimalist home is also easier to clean and maintain. Perhaps you would agree that a house filled with a bunch of objects is hard to clean. On the other hand, the less stuff you have, the less you have to keep clean, and the less complicated it would be for you to maintain your home.

So, what does a minimalist home looks like?

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To give you an idea, first you have to understand that a minimalist home is not an empty home. What makes a home minimalist is the fact that the owner gives priority on quality rather than quantity.

  • Minimal Furniture Items. A minimalist home would contain only the important furniture pieces. For instance, the living room would have just a couch, a chair, and a coffee table. You might also see a stand instead of a bulky shelf, a television, and a lamp.
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  • Accent Decorations and Design. You don’t necessarily have to leave all the surfaces empty, as that would be boring. Therefore, instead of having the surface of your coffee table totally empty, you can have a piece of item like a flower vase or a picture frame or artwork on top.

  • Clutter-Free Surfaces. What usually makes a home cluttered are the messy surfaces. A minimalist home is a home with surfaces that are clutter free. Again, you don’t necessarily have to totally empty the surfaces, but make sure you only leave one or two items that doesn’t cause clutter.

Now, there is no formula to a minimalist home because the real change starts within yourself. Before you start applying any kind of change to your home, see to it first that you have taken the time to understand the principles of minimalism. Once you have done that, you can then start applying some of these tips:

Start With the Rooms

Unless you’re decorating a new home, there’s no way you can transform your home overnight. Focus on one room at a time. It can be the master’s bedroom or the kid’s bedroom. Set a schedule for de-cluttering. It may take weeks, months, or even years, but what is important is that you start.

Reduce Furniture

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Furniture such as the couch, the table, and other similar items take the most space in any home. If you can eliminate a piece of furniture and only keep what is truly essential, you will be on your way to a minimalist home.

Clear Surfaces

The floor, the walls, and the surfaces on your tables or shelves should always be free from clutter. There should be no unused item left on the floor or on the tables. The walls should be clear, except for a few pieces of artwork. Books should be properly stored in the shelves and not stacked up on top of surfaces.

Keep Stuff Hidden

One of the best ways to reduce clutter is by storing items out of plain sight. If you’re still in the process of building your house, perhaps you can add to the design a few storage spaces that would easily blend with the rest of the house.

Use Simple Decoration

Simplicity is beauty, so when it comes to using decorations, choose to opt for those with basic designs and colors.

Have a Place for Everything

It’s important to have a system for cleaning and de-cluttering your house. Let every family member know of this so that ever item will be put back into its proper place after use.

Step Back and Eliminate More

After redecorating your house, give it two to three days and then try to see everything again. Chances are there will still be more items that you can eliminate.

Finally, sit back, relax, and enjoy the result of your hard work. You’ll now actually enjoy your home knowing and seeing that it is free from clutter and has a lot more space.



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