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The Concept of a Minimalist Home

The minimalist design for homes is becoming popular nowadays because of the rising demands for small homes. It is also a preferred style in architecture nowadays in response for the simple architectural approach most homeowners enjoy nowadays. A less clutters, spacious abode is perfect for the busy and stressful life of families, singles and young millennials.

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What makes a home a minimalist?

A minimalist home is an abode where less clutter, furniture and appliances are present. A minimalist design adapts by the law of “less is more.” A minimalist design usually has the basics, a sofa, coffee table ad a lampshade for the living room, a bed, some drawers and a chair for a bedroom and a simple island with a few basic kitchen appliances for the cooking area. A minimalist home offers as much as any other home offers, only with less pieces and accessories to boot.

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How to achieve the minimalist look?

Creating space, visible and movable space with less or no clutter is the main objective when a home is trying to achieve a minimalist design. The concept is function and space. The function of a home remains to be uncompromised even with a few items inside the home is present. Breathing space is what minimalist homes and designs can take advantage of.

Photo Credit: Stylecaster via Pinterest

The key in transitioning to this design concept is doing one room at a time. Unless you are moving from one place to another, treating your rooms one by one, as you adapt the minimalist design inside these areas is necessary. The next step is by choosing your furniture. Dual purpose furniture is advisable because it automatically frees up an extra space in your homes. Going for plain and uncomplicated designed home items is also a must to achieve the minimalistic concept.

Focus on keeping the essentials. If you can live without it, get it out of your homes. Strip down to the basics and what’s really essential to your homes. A layout of your ideal plan for your new minimalistic inspired home will be a very helpful device to know if you are missing out on an essential item for your home or not.

You should clear the walls, surfaces and floors to get the look that you desire. Once you manage to free up space in your home, you should keep in mind to keep these areas clutter free. Anything that you do not need, whether stored or lying around your home should be sold, given to charity or thrown away. Let go of the things that you do not need to be able to live up to the minimalist lifestyle.

Simple, spacious and clean, this is what the minimalist concept is all about. Once you have learned to enjoy the simple life and let go of the unnecessary things in life, you’ll get to adapt and achieve the simple and stress free atmosphere that you want to achieve for your homes.



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