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Cool Home Decorating Ideas for the New Year

The New Year s often attributed to new beginnings, to fresh starts and to resolutions. This is also your chance, as a home maker to decorate and renovate your homes as you welcome the year 2016 with fresh ideas, positive vibes and a brighter perspective as a while. Thus, adding colors and interior ideas inside your homes will definitely create an interesting and captivating ambiance to begin your New Year with a bang.

Warm-weather trends and color ideas are bound to be stylish, versatile, advanced, classy and vibrant. With all these, different shades of colors for decorations are being considered and thus offer you a lot of options when it comes to decorating and making your homes look great. Bold and bright colors are getting the hype of several interior decorations this year.

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Here are some of the cool home-decorating ideas for the New Year you can do for your homes.

Juicy and Sunny Yellow Colors

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Yellow can make the home interior vibrant, sunny, and lively. In this year’s color considerations, the shades of juicy and sunny yellow colors are a hit to make the home look more alive. These shades will work well with DIY home furniture especially in the dining area. Yellow would also look great on panel curtains and other window coverings for your home.


Wallpapers are back. Interior designers are suggesting wallpapers depending on the home trend the owner wants to follow. But nonetheless, it gives contrast and edge of how home can look like with just a minimal furniture count or other home decorations.  Themed wall-papers can also look great for your bedrooms. Decorate according to your style and be unique with the rest of the home areas with the different wallpaper designs available in the market.

Lilac Gray

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Lilac Gray colored decorations are also being considered for this year’s home décor and designs. This color shade provides a classy and neat look to the home with a combination of a simple design filled with elegance. Lilac Gray gives a refreshing look and feel for the entire house.  This is also an interesting color you can have inside your living area or in reading area located in your deck.

Black and White

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Black and white never seems to go out of style. These special colors are taken in good consideration for its elegant look and sophisticated touch. Various black and white styles at home create a good transition and eye-catching vibes. Black and white color combinations can also help achieve the minimalistic design for your homes.


Red creates a fierce look for the home. It is usually being used in several rooms for the house to bring out the owner’s personality. The color red and its boldness create a different shade for the area. Pillowcases in your living area can accent your whole room with a splash of red on it. Abstract paintings in different shades of red can also be an interesting focal point you can have inside a specific room in your home.

A few tips online and a few creative touches of your own can help you decorate the best home for you and your family this 2016.



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