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Last Minute Decorating Ideas This Christmas

It is never too late to put Christmas decorations around the house and/or renovate the new ones. Also, Christmas decorations can be affordable too if integrated with creativity and resourcefulness. Old stuff that can be found at home can be innovated to create new interesting Christmas artisans this season. No matter how busy or hectic your schedule may be, you can still put up the best and trendiest Christmas décor for your home before Santa Claus comes to town.

Photo Credit: Frugal Life Wealthy Wife via Pinterest

Christmas decorations can be around your home for quite some time even after Christmas, thus needing an instant creative touch to keep up with the current Christmas rush.

Here are some decorating ideas for a festive Christmas you can do even with just less than two weeks away from Christmas day.

Mason Jars

Mason Jars are a hit this season. Candles can be put inside to create a lamp effect on the table and on the home cabinets. Also, a little bow around it can go a long way as a decoration piece. Your old mason jars can be of use, too. Put some Christmas stickers or cute cut-out letters for more emphasis. Mason jars can also help you with last Christmas gift wrapping problems. Put goodies inside as well as other perishable goods you intend to give away this holiday season for that more festive and classy look.

Cylinder Candles

Cylinder candles with scent go around the whole year. For a new look this Christmas, decorate your cylinder candles with red, green, or gold ribbons for more Christmas vibes. You can also put some coasters beneath it for more elegant look. Place them neatly in front of your mantle or near the fire place for a warm and relaxing look inside your homes this Christmas.

Decorate Your Windows

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

There are many venetian blinds for sale this coming Christmas season and you can take advantage of this by using them to decorate your homes this Christmas. You can remove the slats of the blinds and color it with red and green for a festive look. This will not cost you a lot but would be a great way to decorate your windows at home. You can also draw or cut-out your favorite gift-wrapper designs and turn it to window ornaments. Just put string to handle and tie it on your window for a festive feel at home this Christmas season.

Gold Christmas Balls

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

Go for the gold this Christmas. Turn your old gold Christmas balls to table pieces by putting it in a bowl. Be more creative by putting bows and other decorations such as floral pieces. You wreaths can also take a different look just days before Christmas by adding golden Christmas balls into them


Christmas Stuff Toys

Your old stuff toys can go delight everyone this Christmas. Give your old stuff toys some retouch by putting a bow and displaying them on the table as centerpieces or hang them on the Christmas tree as decorations for a playful and kid-centric vibes.

There is no reason for you to spend Christmas day without decorative pieces installed inside your homes. These easy and simple to do ideas can still help you to achieve a beautiful and merry Christmas inside your homes.



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