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Easy and Affordable Gift Wrapping Tips this Christmas

Admit it, you practically tear a gift’s wrapping and it will often end up in the trash as soon as all the gifts are open. Though some may take the time to recycle wrapping paper, especially the great looking ones, most of us end up having a pile of gift wrappers on our desk. But, you can actually avoid throwing away your hard earned dollars spent on wrapping paper this holiday season by having smart and cheaper alternatives.

Photo Credit: The 36th Avenue via Pinterest

Here are some ways on how you can save on holiday gift wraps without having to make your gifts look dull and boring.

Tea Towels

Wines are among the common gift options for colleagues and officemates. You can ditch the wine bag and go for something even more creative. You can use tea towels or dish towels that can be bought at discount stores to wrap your wine. A simple red and green ribbon on the bottle neck will complete the look. You can even use the unused towels that you have at home.

Brown Mailing Paper

Photo Credit: The Berry via Pinterest

Brown mailing paper can also be used to decorate your gift wrappers. You can use stampers, stencils, paint and glitter to add some dazzle and holiday flair to these items. You can even put stickers to make them look colorful. This economical and recycled gift wrapper can also look great on its own. Simply use it to wrap a box and then later on place a nice ribbon on top to give it a holiday look.

Jars and Tins

Mason jars are so in the season nowadays. You can use them as gift wrappers as well. This will work well with edible gifts like cookies or personal items like soaps and candles. You can embellish your jars and tin cans with glitter pens and paints to make it look festive. A simple ribbon will also do the work.

Shopping Bags

Photo Credit: FroMupNorth via Pinterest

Stalls and shops often replace their shopping bags with festive design ones during the Christmas season. Take advantage of this and use them to instantly wrap your gifts. You can just add a few bows and ribbons plus a nice gift tag with a personalized message to make it look even better. You can even use your old retail shopping bags that are still decent and printed with cool designs or solid colors.


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

You can use your left over fabric scraps to make any gift look fancy for Christmas. You can wrap candles, goodies, small items and even jewelry with fabric. You can transform them into a sack and then later on tie a bow around the top to finish the look. Craft stores have a lot of holiday fabrics for sale so you will definitely find one for your gift wrapping adventure.

The essence of your gift for this Christmas is not based on the item or the wrapper that you used. It is based on the thought that you had in mind for the person that you are about to give the gift.



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