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Keeping Our Home Safe for Kids this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a perfect time for kids to spend time with their friends, relatives and family. During this time of the year, you can practically see them hanging around inside and outside your home playing at the snow together with their siblings and friends. With the snow and Christmas decors hanging around your home, small accidents can happen to your kids. To be able to make your home safe during the festivities, you can follow these simple tips below.

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Decorate the Christmas tree with your Kids in Mind

Children are by nature curious. With a lot of hanging ornaments on your tree, it will not be a surprise to see your kids pulling a thing or two, so you better prepare. Avoid placing breakable items as well as metal hooks when decorating your tree. You can hang stuff toys, plastic or soft items as your decoration with little kids still in your home. You can also skip the Christmas lights with little kids around to lessen the risks of your kids being tangled around your tree.

Frequently check the lights

Christmas lights are also a major part of your Christmas decorations. It is important to keep them as far away from your kids as possible. Be sure that there are no exposed or frayed wires, broken sockets and loose connections. Use outdoor blinds for the outdoors. They are specifically manufacture to withstand weather outdoors. Always remind your kids that the lights are there not to be touched but to be adored.

Keep candles and store matches away from kids

Christmas candles are also part of the occasion. You can place them in areas where you kids will not be able to blow or touch them. Never leave a candle unattended as well. Keep your lighters and matches hidden to avoid kids from possibly putting them inside their mouth or starting a fire.

Keep harmful plants away

Plants are also essential part of the Christmas decorations but some are poisonous if ingested. Plants like mistletoe berries, holly berry and Jerusalem cherries are poisonous. You can ditch them completely or have plastic ones installed in your decors to be safe.

Keep kids away from the kitchen

Preparing for Christmas dinner is a very tedious task. Thus it would be better to keep your children away from the kitchen during your preparations. Your focus is on the dishes that you are preparing. Having kids running around while you are handling hot objects and substances inside your kitchen can be dangerous for you and most especially the kids. Accidental spills may also happen, thus clearing the kids away from the kitchen ensures their safety.

It is fun to spend time with the young kids during the holiday season. But, extra care is essential to make the festivities memorable and enjoyable for everyone.



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