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Some of my Favorite Home Design Blogs (PART 2)

I love reading and writing and I do have a fair share of home design blogs tagged on my bookmarks. This websites give me new ideas, encourages me to write better and be more courageous when it comes to my design ideas or simply inspires me to become a better a wiser home maker just like the writers behind the blogs and websites that I read.

Here is another round of interesting Home Design blogs you can check out online.

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What I love the most about Young House Love is that it is a blog of a husband and a wife. Ladies are really into blogging and sharing their lives and experiences online. Most men do not. Seeing a couple share details about their life in general is just so adorable. The blog is into several home niches like decorating, manly jobs like painting, furniture upgrades, love and marriage, kids, pets as well as saving money is tackled in this blog. Sherry and John, the couple behind the blog really makes a good team in running a business, a family and definitely this blog.

The blog have been around since 2007 and started due to the couple’s obsession to anything DIY. Throughout the years, they have also managed to fix 3 homes, did around 3,000 projects and managed to release two books as well as design home products like lights and hardware that are even exclusively sold at Target. The couple really managed to do a lot of things with two children at tow in their careers as a team. I definitely wish my husband would spend time with me in writing a book or maintaining a blog like theirs.

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Another one of my favorite blogs is written by Layla Palmer with a few insights from his husband, The Lettered Cottage. Layla loves cottage style, something I am also passionate about because I just love the feel of being home away from home in the country.

Layla loves writing and enjoys home decorating as well. What I love about Layla is that she still manages to do some entrepreneur on the side while maintaining a great blog such as this while doing a lot of other things on the side. The blog is a great source of the latest trends and insights when it comes to home décor and the latest trends for styling your homes. Layla and her husband happen to work for and contributes photographs and styled interiors to numerous home magazines in Alabama and nearby areas. Even with a high-profiled career online, the couple still manages to participate in the worship team at Centerpoint Fellowship Church and is planning to adopt a child from Haiti very soon.

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Rhoda of the Southern Hospitality Blog is also one of my favorite ladies on the internet. Just like me she loves DIY projects and enjoys doing things on her own. She loves thrift markets and yard sales, definitely a wise shopper. Although she initially started her blog on a whim, it has come so far that it has been actively doing sponsored posts and advertisements for several products you’ll love to have at home.

The great thing about Rhoda is that she never failed to share details about her life, both the good and the bad which makes me feel connected to her. She feels like a real person, of course I know she really is but her ups and downs makes her feel like more human than the rest. Just like what she said, Making a house a home is what she does best. She shares several tutorials and tips about taking care of your home while enjoying a balance in life.

At presents, she enjoys blogging and a lucrative career out of it while feeling triumphant after succeeding the challenges that she had to face in the past.

These ladies and families, for me, are very helpful in sharing the life that they enjoy living online. Find time to read their blogs as well and you’ll definitely see what I mean.



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