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30 Days before Christmas: Let’s Get Started on the Decorating!

Christmas is in the air and it’s just a month away before the festivities and celebrations commence. Have you already put-up your Christmas Trees? My kids love this time of the year because I let them participate with the decorating process every time there is an occasion coming up, especially for Christmas.

This year I am making sure that my kids are not only going to enjoy the decorations that I have prepared for Christmas. I am including them in the creation of unique Christmas decorations for our home. Here are some of the projects that I have prepared doing with my kids this coming weekend as we excitedly prepare for the holiday seasons.

Modern Wreaths

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

I have no problem with the traditional wreaths but with the kids involve, I incorporated a modern twist into it to make it more interesting for them. Instead of the usual greens, this year, we will be having a homemade wreath of citrus fruits. You just practically need a circular piece of florist’s foam and some florist’s stick to be able to secure the heavy fruits on the foam. Start with the big items first like oranges. You can continue with the smaller fruits like limes and clementines. A thick velvet ribbon will add that festive sparkle to the ensemble.

Sparkly Centerpieces

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

This year I am also planning to give my kids a lot of decorating challenges. They will be tasked to do several centerpieces for tables around the house. I have about 10 tables at home including the kitchen table and the two study tables inside the library plus several side tables around the house. So they will definitely have a lot of centerpieces to do. However, this would be easy since they will be just using Christmas balls, poinsettias and a few sparkly garlands all placed in baskets, pots or even cakes stands all neatly placed together to lighten up the vibe inside the house. The ones to be placed in the kitchen area will have special Christmas candles included in the design, just perfect for Christmas dinner.

Natural Greenery Inside

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

I want greens to be plenty inside our house this year. Last year we leaned on the red color theme for Christmas. This time around I want luscious greens draped and dangling in our doorways, stairs and the windows. This will be highlighted by gold and blue Christmas decors, some of which were from the past two Christmas. I try to keep my old decoration pieces as long as they still look good.

Monochromatic Color Palette

Photo Credit: via Pinterest

This one is on me. To create a sophisticated look in our homes, I have decided to experiment with neutral and natural colors for my Christmas décor pieces. I have created an artificial white tree and painted it with colors inspired by candy canes, peppermints, red festive ribbons, Christmas lights and the like in a more subdued shade for a balancing effect for the bold colors showcased inside the house. I’ll be placing this on our entry way to create an instant impression to guests and families visiting over for Christmas.



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