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Why Green Revolution is Gaining Popularity Today More than Ever

Green Revolution is gaining more attention nowadays more that it did decades ago. Back in the 1970’s the Green revolution advocates took the effort to bring back the agriculture industry to life. More agricultural products free from GMO and produced using natural methods provide more food for hunger stricken countries like India during those days. Africa was also one of the main targets during the earlier days of the advocacy, however, the revolution never really managed to penetrate the region.

Photo Credit: Freud Devon Freun Den via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Freud Devon Freun Den via Pinterest

The year 2008 surprised the whole world as prices of food shot up. Oil practically went as high as $100 a barrel and made even more expensive to produce and transport food around the world. The increase in the price of oil also increased prices of biofuels like ethanol that encouraged farmers in the US to sell their corn for ethanol plants. This later on brought corn prices into a high, leaving livestock feeder no choice but to pass the cost of production to its consumers.

This resulted into more people changing their diets, eating more meat and prepared food in the process. Dietary changes and the bad weather in agricultural areas around the world lead to the greater demand for gains during those years. Economic and food crisis were not the only problem back then. The production of meat used up more energy and produced more carbon dioxide making it harder for the environment to renew and regenerate.

As the changes in the environment continued, both due to natural phenomena and man’s intervention, global warming became a major problem for the rest of the world. With the alarming rate of catastrophes several countries around the globe had to endure around the world, an increased awareness in the Green Revolution triggered, with the aim of bringing back Earth to its former shape and condition.

Now, more than ever, people are starting to promote and practice green living not only in their homes bust as well as in the daily activities they face every day. Biking has emerged not only as a sport but as a substitute form of transportation. More and more people are leaning into eating more vegetables. Organic produce has become a popular option among consumers. More people are into exercise and other forms of meditation like Yoga that will help in making the body healthier. Even electrical appliances and gadgets are leaning into materials that are less harmful to the environment.

Construction materials are also being produced with green ideas and components in mind. Almost everyone is trying to make efforts in creating a better world and a healthier environment for the future.

I do believe that one of the biggest contributing factors that led into the in depth awareness about Global revolution, global warming and other environmental advocacies is the extreme change in weather that we have experienced in the past. Typhoons and hurricanes have become stronger and forest fires have frequented. These have opened the eyes of the people of the world into how much damage we all have inflicted in nature.

Here is an inforgraphic on how many cities are already embracing Green Revolution in their daily lives.

Photo Credit: Arch Daily via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Arch Daily via Pinterest


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