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A Taste of Style in Home Decorating

When a homemaker is on that phase or stage of constructing and conceptualizing their dream home, they try to visualize everything and see one piece of a furniture try to fit in with the rest of the ideas that they have in mind. Every piece of accessory or painting would try to blend their way with the other accessories and artistic ideas that a person wants to include in their dream home. As one creates a plan and concept for the home that they dream of, they are also open to a lot of surprises and expectations along the journey to the realization of their dream. Being open to possibilities makes styling and decorating your home fun and a remarkable experience not only for you but for the whole family as well.

Abstract can be one of the go-to styles you can have for your home if you want to lean on the classics. However, abstract designs offer a different kind of visual language that is sometimes not as easy to understand  – just like some of the works of international artists like Picasso, Willem de Kooning, Paul Klee, and Jackson Pollock. Some people may tend to misinterpret them, lose interest in them, or get all together confused at the meanings that they wanted to convey in the first place.

This form of arts, however, offers a unique style of decorating for your home. The color, form, composition, and texture can be used to heighten or highlight specific areas in your home and express emotions and ideas in non-realistic but truly elegant ways.

These forms of art used in creating the home that you dream of are usually chosen because of the color, the form, shapes, and to some — the textures that this individual pieces offers.

Photo Credit: Dennis Wilkinson via Flickr


Shade brings a really different kind of look for your place. They are not limited to the colors of your wall alone but also include the furniture and accessories that you have at home. Outdoor roller blinds can be used as simple decorative pieces for your window. However, with a color that will make it standout from the rest of the items inside your home, a focal point or a certain area can be heightened and highlighted in your home. You can check outdoor roller blinds on the web to find a unique yet perfect piece that will match or add interest in your living areas.

Photo Credit: Boa-Frank via Flickr

Forms and Shapes

Different forms and shapes can bring a different kind of interest for your home. Eclectically designed pieces and abstract figures may look queer at first but are definitely an eye-catching conversation starter you can add into your home. Do not be limited to the form and shapes that furniture and accessories offer. You can also play with the form and shape of your living areas, even your swimming pool or a reading nook as you make your home uniquely designed according to your needs and personality.


Texture can be showcased in the paintings, pillows, and accessories you would want to highlight in your homes You can go for wood-inspired graphic arts mounted on your wall or paintings that feature different kinds of textures that will add a touch of class and uniqueness for the different areas in your home. Carpets are the best medium you could experiment with when it comes to texture ideas for your home.

Imitate life and turn it into reality as you try to achieve the classic and stylish theme for your homes. All of these are perfect for your homes as long as you find deep meaning in the essence of making your home a statement of your character as people and as an artist for your home.



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