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What’s “In” in Window Treatments and Coverings

BLO Panel Glides - OpenWindow treatments bring a lot of color and interest to one’s living area. It can be the focal point of a certain area in your home — a conversation starter every time friends and relatives stop by for a visit. To make your home design even more interesting and stylish, keeping up with the latest trends in window treatment is a must.

Here are a few of the latest trends in window coverings you can try out for your homes.

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  1. Draperies

Draperies are so back. This window treatment originated in the 1980’s but they have managed to remain as a favorite household window accessory. Draperies are usually accessorized with fringe and tassels and topped with elaborate valances. As the years passed and the rise of the minimalist design continued, it has become a necessary window treatment that blends together with Roman blinds, plantation shutters, and bamboo blinds.

  1. Sheers and exquisite gossamer

Textured design has also become a favorite nowadays when it comes to window treatments. You can consider installing blinds and then later on add a touch of life and texture to the solid lines blinds offer through sheers and elegant gossamers. Some sheers are either made of polyester or interwoven materials that usually feature embossed or printed patterns.

  1. Velvet

Velvet is considered as one of the most favorite material when it comes to draperies. Velvet, according to design experts, is like a piece of art. In an art class, velvet is used as the material in which artist draws because it offers a unique way in catching the light. This is considered as one of the highlights and interesting feature that velvet possesses, giving it an edge among other materials.

  1. Loose Pleats

Pleats that are five to six inches long have also become a popular choice when it comes to window coverings and accessories. Looser and longer pleats are most preferred providing a modern design to your living areas. Shorter and tighter ones, on the other hand, looks less professional and elegant-looking. They can also work well with venetian blinds and other type of window blinds.

  1. Long fabrics in various designs

Extra-long fabric, usually the ones that are puddles on the floor, are now considered as history. Floor-length draperies that end just a few inches above the floor line are now the preferred choice when it comes to window treatments. The illusion of length creates height even for small living areas.

  1. Fun colorful patterns

Loud prints and bright colors for curtains and even Roman blinds have also become a favorite when it comes to home design. Some of the emerging designs for sheer curtains include random intervals, zebra stripes, and giraffe spots.

  1. Creative hardware

Different materials are now emerging as the main material when it comes to window treatments. Rods — tie-backs in wood, metal and glass or ceramic that looks like jewelry, have now become a fascinating and unique accent for window and open doorway coverings.

More unique and unexpected materials are also seen to become a prime choice when it comes to window treatments as designers and home makers continue to explore the possibilities home design offers.

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One thought on “What’s “In” in Window Treatments and Coverings

  1. Loose pleats! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    I love them lots! Tried your suggestion just yesterday. Mixed in a little bit of Christmas lights into the mix. Everything worked out perfectly for my windows! I'll be following your blog now for more!

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