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Everything I Know About DIY Home Improvement Started With Lego

I’m going out on a limb here and give props to Lego, the one toy adults can brag about without shame. I can’t say the same thing about Minecraft, though, the game kids just can’t quit. Both “toys” work with the same concept, but Minecraft lets you create an entire world without busting your budget. You’ll spend a small fortune doing the same thing with Lego.

So there’s this recent fuss about Lego, especially with the movie which came out. I must admit the appeal of Lego persists even for us adults who’ve moved on to “real-world” bricks and tools. I’m still a child at heart when it comes to Lego, and seeing all the feats of construction in Lego-lympic events make me wish construction is as simple as stacking plastic bricks on a pile.

This post is made for budding builders. So what does Lego has to offer that your well-supplied workshop can’t?

  1. Lego stimulates your imagination

This is the enthusiast’s main pitch for hoarding everything Lego. Sure, you can’t really build a house with the bricks (or can you?), but you can create replicas that give you an idea on how to build anything – and I mean anything. If you want more concrete proof, then check this out:

  1. Lego is dirt-cheap, and reusable.

You can build and tear down creations without worrying about waste. This is great for crude models, and there are more varieties in brick designs than before. If you’re up for the challenge, then you can build using the basic brick design.

  1. Lego ensures fun for the whole family!

Why am I pushing for a toy in a DIY Home Improvement post? Because everyone needs to have fun once in a while; shameless, yet purposeful fun. One of my many childhood dreams was having a truckload of Lego bricks delivered to our house; there should be enough pieces to fill a sandbox, at least. Now that I have the money to spend, why not indulge in something I’ll actually enjoy, then?

  1. I’m sure you can think of other perks Lego has to offer, but I’m going to risk one more reason to invest in Lego. I think Minecraft is doing its part to stimulate imagination, but I see something wrong with kids hooked onto an LCD screen for far too long, even if it involves such a mind-blowing game as Minecraft. Sure, Minecraft is Lego on steroids, but it’s still virtual. Nothing beats gripping actual bricks and stacking it onto an actual pile; it’s like reading books printed on paper versus reading the Kindle versions. It’s an entirely different experience.

If there’s anything the Lego story taught me, it’s that great things come from humble beginnings. Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to think of home renovation as playtime? Lego leads the way.

If you haven’t watched the Lego story yet, here’s a nugget of inspiration:



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