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Latest Innovations and Changes in the Home Improvement Industry

American homes are constantly seeking ways in improving their homes regardless of cost. A lot of households are investing more money in home renovations and through the years, the demand for technological advancement and new ideas for home improvement has increased tremendously.

I always keep myself up-to-date with the latest innovations  and technology in the housing industry to be able to incorporate efficient techniques in our home. Time-saving features are what I enjoy the most and this recent EXPO proved that there are still more exciting things that can be looked forward to in the latest technologies perfect for our homes.

The increase in the demand of the latest technologies in the housing industry paved way to several campaigns making it a focus on the recent 24th annual International Franchise EXPO (IFE). One of the major exhibitors to present during the said event is N-Hance Wood Renewal, a leading company for wood finishing and kitchen cabinets and wood floors. The EXPO took place last June 18-20 at the Javits Center in new York City and showcased several interesting technologies and advancement for the housing industry.

N-Hance Wood Renewal displayed its Lightspeed Instant-Cure wood refinishing technology. The machine offered instant solution for hardwoods, cabinets, flooring and all kinds of wood surfaces both for home and office furnishings.

What I love about this new technology is that is offers a more efficient and faster way for treating wood floorings and furnishings. It usually takes a day or 36 hours before treated wood floorings can be used again. This is hard for someone like me who has kids at home. With the Lightspeed Instant-Cure, the floor is ready for use as soon as the treatment is over. It even provides a top coat surface for the wood flooring making it tougher and more durable in the process.

The video below features how the Lightspeed Instant-Cure works.


Lightspeed UV Curing System| N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal



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