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5 Impressive Rustic-Themed DIY Design Projects for Your Home

A rustic-themed home is perfect for vacation houses, for relaxation, and for people who enjoy a laid-back style of living. You can enjoy that kind of atmosphere in your homes with these simple inspirations that I found online and from my friends who enjoy doing do-it-yourself projects.

The most important thing when creating a rustic theme for your homes on a tight budget is to be creative with the items that you already have at home. You could make use of planks you have in your garage, yarns, and bricks to create that rustic and country vibe for your home.

I have five easy-to-do rustic-themed accessories and inspirations you can do at home. Some may take you a few hours to finish or even a day, while some will require you as much as three days, depending on the time you allot for your DIY project.

  1. Rustic Headboard

Having a focal point in your bedroom will bring a different kind of atmosphere into your rooms. A rustic-inspired headboard with that rustic touch will make an interesting piece of fixture inside your private space. You can use pallet boards and old barn wood as materials for this project. Simply cut your boards according to your preferred size and style, nail them together into your wall, and apply varnish to complete the look.

rustic bedroom
Photo credit: Wicker Paradise via Flickr
  1. Twine-Wrapped Cabinet Handles

This will just take you a few minutes to finish. I suggest that you dismantle your cabinet handles first before wrapping it with twine. Use a glue gun and glue stick to keep them secured onto your handles. You can also use ropes instead of twines for that cowboy feel. This is a small change but an instant attention grabber for your kitchen area.

  1. Home Made Rustic Roman Shades

I took inspiration for this DIY project from the outdoor blinds Melbourne site I have managed to bump into. Roman shades are perfect for small windows as well as awning windows. You could simply install your usual Roman shades and add a twist by using straws, twines, or ropes as your drawstrings. Install matching tassels to complete the overall rustic touch for your window covering. You can also use them as dividers for areas in the house or as an “illusionary wall” for hiding your washing machine and other gadgets in the laundry area.

window blinds
Photo credit: Raul Lieberwirth via Flickr
  1. Wood Pallet Benches

Pallets are cheap and easy-to-find materials perfect for rustic-inspired furniture and other accessories. A rustic-themed home would be incomplete without pallet benches. I prefer using these benches indoors or in shaded areas to avoid exposing it to too much water. Simply gather some nails, cut the pallets according to your required benches, and then fix them all together. A mahogany tint is perfect for this creation to add a classic appeal to the benches. This would be perfect for your garage of for your private area for creative crafting. It will even look good on your kitchen.

wood bench
Photo credit: 7th Groove via Flickr
  1. Stone Kitchen Island

This project may take most of your time and budget but believe me, this is one of the most gratifying one as well. Your whole kitchen will be the most rustic area in your home with bricks or stones on your center island. You can use actual stones or other materials as long as it would stick securely into your center island.

Photo credit: Bill Wilson via Flickr

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